Hailing from an influential film background, Farhan Akhtar has donned the cloak of an actor, director, writer, lyricist and singer. With his recent blockbuster "Bhaag Milkha Bhaag" he took his acting abilities to a new high. 

We caught up with Farhan in a rapid fire round of questions:

1. Who are your major musical influences?

A : U2 , Coldplay , Deep Purple , SEL


2. Actor. Director. Musician. Which one do you love the most?

A. Very tough to pick one. All three are equally important and enjoyable.

3. What’s your dream guitar?

A. Gibson Les Paul

4. If given a chance, which International act would you like to jam with?

A. U2 and Pink Floyd

5. Top 5 songs on your music player.

A. Zinda, Hawan Karenge,  One by U2,  Breathe by Pink Floyd, Dil Chaahta Hain


To watch him Live at Bangalore, Click Here.

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