So you think you’re on top of all affairs current? Who’s Kanye West? What is a baeritto? Do you know who Caitlyn Jenner is, or rather was? We live in a world where information is a ready resource, and we’re in touch with everything the cool kids know. The latest happenings and developments; you’ve got them all covered? Let’s put that to test, shall we? Take this quick quiz and let’s see if you’re with the program. Make sure you keep track of your responses, and visit the bottom of the page to see how you fared on our quiz!

1. In Taylor Swift‘s popular song, she asks you to “Shake” what “off”?

A. Her

B. It

C. Them


2. Kim Kardashian is famous for…

A. Kanye West

B. Nothing

C. Being the First Lady of the USA


3. The word ‘bae‘ means…

A. The letters B, A and E

B. A person you love

C. Poop in Danish


4. When someone says “I got more issues than Vogue”, they mean…

A. They have a copy of Vogue

B. They have a lot of problems

C. They collect copies of Vogue


5. Who is taking a selfie in this picture:

A. The Elephant

B. Kim Kardashian

C. The guy in the black t-shirt


6. This person is called:

A. Kanye West

B. Drake

C. Jay Z


7. Kanye West is soon to be which of the following:

A. Kim Kardashian’s ex husband

B. The President of the United States

C. In a relationship with himself


Time’s up! Check your answers, kids!

If you answered with mostly As, then you’re definitely not “with it”!Brush up on your current affairs by following our posts on our blog!

If you answered with mostly Bs, then good job! You’re in the know, and are aware of the sensation that is Kanye West.

If you answered with mostly Cs, then you’re good, but not great. As a wise man once said, practice makes perfect, so hang in there.