Today is Jennifer Aniston's birthday. And come what may, she will always remain Rachel from F.R.I.E.N.D.S to us, won't she? She has worked in over 60 movies and TV shows but she is still most remembered as Rachel Greene from the ‘90s sitcom. The show made her career, and those of the rest of the cast. 

However, Aniston went on to become even more popular among the audiences, due to her highly-publicized marriage with Brad Pitt – Hollywood’s star boy back then – who even starred in an episode of the show. While that relationship went awry, the friendships that formed on the sets of the series remained forever. Take a look at Rachel’s top moments on the show:


When she ran away from her own wedding


When she and Monica were dancing


When she and Monica lost The Lightning Round


When she wore an inappropriate dress to dinner


When she had an interview with ‘Gucky’


When she and Amy fought and broke a plate


And the time she fought with Monica


When she gave birth to Emma


And the time she got Emma to laugh


And finally, when she got off the plane


Happy birthday, Jennifer Aniston. We’ll never be over you!