Verdict: A powerful family drama you shouldn’t miss.

A man who is drunk with power and consumed with revenge can seldom be reasoned with. Ranangan traces the story of two such men; one who holds revenge above everything and the other power. A political drama, Ranangan tells a tale of deceit, power, violence, pride, and revenge. Directed by Rakesh Sarang, the movie pits a father against his son. The movie stars Sachin Pilgaonkar and Swwapnil Joshi in never-seen-before roles and has left the audience in awe of both the actors. Ranangan is a movie that is high on family drama, emotions and power packed performances. The audiences are loving the film and here is why.


Ranangan directed by Rakesh Sarang traces a revenge story that pits blood against blood. Shyamrao Deshmukh (Sachin Pilgaonkar) is a powerful individual who runs a prestigious university in Pune and is now eyeing to enter politics. He is arrogant and dominating and his family is the perfect example of a patriarchal one. When Shyamrao’s son Varad is married to Sanika, the thought of an heir for his empire makes him joyous. With secrets running deep in the family, things aren’t the way they seem to be. Shyamrao has a dark past no one knows about; no one but him and Shlok (Swwapnil Joshi). Shlok, (Shyamrao’s adopted son) has returned with an aim to see the Deshmukh empire crumble and burn to flames. Will he be successful in destroying his deceitful father? What will happen when a father declares war on his son? 


Only a stellar cast like this could have worked for a storyline this powerful. Sachin Pilgaonkar is beyond phenomenal as the arrogant and powerful Shyamrao Deshmukh. It is difficult to portray the role of a man who is emotionless and cannot tolerate anyone’s opinions but his own. Sachin Pilgaonkar does all of this and more, pretty effortlessly. Swwapnil Joshi’s portrayal of Shlok is terrifying and brutal. However, what works best for the movie is the heart-breaking yet satisfying climax. Siddharth Chandekar, Pranali Ghoghare, Anand Ingale and Suchitra Bandekar are on point as the supporting cast. Meanwhile, the film has been shot at scenic locations and the song-dance sequences are vibrant and lively. 


The movie seems to move slowly at a few places. However, Ranangan makes up by keeping the audience engrossed with an intriguing and strong storyline. 


The movie convincingly manages to convey the message “what goes around comes around”. Ranangan is a powerful and a gripping family revenge story, like none other. Watch it this weekend for the applause-worthy performances.