Our desire to be more than what we are right now gave birth to the superheroes who are everything we aspire to be. Superheroes define the ideal qualities in a person but even they are not without flaws, which make them human and we are completely hooked onto them. It also doesn't hurt for the publications to realize that this is a pretty lucrative business and thus their motive to bombard us with movies, games and more comics making these the popular culture of today. Tables have turned with the geeks now becoming the storehouse of information everyone is hunting for and making them the popular crowd. 

Marvel went nearly bankrupt once and with the changing times and good movies it has found its way back and the two major publications Marvel and DC keep trying to one-up each other in each of the alternate media they use to make their superheroes more popular. With 46 movies under its belt and Marvel entering phase two of an almost decade-long story line in the form of movies, all their movies deserve to be ranked. Without much delay, let's dive into it.

Marvel Movies - BookMyShowMan-Thing (2005)
This horror adaptation of the comic character of the same name didn't work with the audience nor the critics and this movie has not only earned the title of the worst movie by Marvel Entertainment but has also found its way into the list of worst movies ever made.

Captain America (1990)
If you wanted to imagine how bad can it be to see Steve Rogers battling Red Skull, this movie should answer all your questions and then go and watch the Civil War again just to feel better.

The Fantastic Four (1994)
This unreleased movie's copies are available online but standing where it is on the list, you might just want to watch it to understand how bad it can get.

The Punisher (2004)
This reboot had a good cast and great action scenes, which didn't weave a story worth watching.

Marvel Movies - BookMyShowFantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)
The Silver Surfer surprised and impressed us all and we would definitely want to see his return sans the Fantastic Four though.

Howard the Duck (1986)
Considered one of the worst Marvel movies, the movie has succeeded in redeeming its worth a little over time with the peoples changing views but it still has not reached the cult status.

Elektra (2005)
Jennifer Garner's portrayal of the titular character was not the problem with the movie. But the weak script and weaker dialogs (we know how important dialogs are in a Marvel movie) lead to it getting to this position on the list.

Blade II  (2002)
A Guillermo del Torro movie, which was appreciated for its sleek action scenes, was lacking when it came to story and character development, which was a disappointment since the audience had to wait four years for the movie.

Marvel Movies - BookMyShowThe Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)
The second stint of Andrew Garfield was even worse than the first one (you know what they say about the sequels). It received so much flak that eventually they gave up on making a third movie and Spider-man came back home to Marvel (and we have celebrated that fact).

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2012)
Nicholas Cage wore the role of Ghost Rider with great pomp but the second part failed to live up to the expectations of the critics and the audience. Maybe a third part would have made everything alright but we can work the TV version of this comic character now.

The Amazing Spider-man (2012)
We fell in love with Toby McGuire as Peter Parker and Spider-man. It had raised expectations from the audience for Andrew Garfield to do a great job. Although he excelled as Spider-man, the frailty and geekiness of Peter Parker was something he could not achieve.

Fantastic Four (2015)
This attempt to reboot a moderately successful franchise was not a wise move and not only did it tarnish the previous versions but also all hopes of a three-part series had to be abandoned immediately.

Marvel Movies - BookMyShowThe Wolverine (2013)
Our love for Hugh Jackman knows no bounds but this is not one of the better part of the series. The second (curse of the sequels) part of the series, it failed to engage the audience and there have been many who have given it a miss.

The Punisher (1989)
If you were impressed with the Daredevil version of the Punisher, this movie certainly wouldn't have impressed you although the action scenes were considered top-notch at that time.

Blade: Trinity (2004)
Just action without substance can get a little too much after a time and that is the problem this movie faced. With flawless action should come great story too.

Punisher: War Zone (2008)
The western flicks with lone gunslingers was the gold of the 80s and something that shouldn't have been tried in 2008.

Marvel Movies - BookMyShowHulk (2003)
This early attempt of Marvel to get some recognition for the characters whose rights they still had did not smash any records but it did put the Hulk on the map worldwide.

Thor: The Dark World (2013)
The curse of the sequels hit here too, with the thundering star to the saga of Asgardians, this movie wasted great actors on a story which could have been told differently. But this movie did introduce us to one of the infinity stones which will tie up everything in the end.

Blade (1998)
With Matrix-level finishing to the action sequences, this movie sets the par for action but unfortunately action is not the only thing which keeps the audience hooked.

Ghost Rider (2007)
The movie had the appropriate number Marvel specialty of snarky dialogues and puns but when it came to effects and story it lagged a little in achieving the Marvel standard.

Marvel Movies - BookMyShowDaredevil (2003)
Spandex suits for superheroes should be banned. Especially after the Netflix series, the movies seems worst than it actually was. The movie was dark and gritty, which was a far cry from what Marvel is renowned for and in the end it seemed like just another origin story.

Fantastic Four (2005)
The only decent adaptation of the comics, the movie has it all with origin stories and the frightening villain who is vanquished…or is he? 

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)
With no enmity towards Hugh Jackman the whole animosity was towards the "merc with a mouth" getting his mouth sewed shut. This was the origin story Wolverine deserved but and is one of the highlights of the whole franchise. 

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– Thumbnail Image by Utsav Patel.