The trailer for Deadpool 2 in Hindi is out and is getting some serious attention. Our favorite mercenary with a mouth is being voiced by none other than Ranveer Singh in the Hindi dubbed version. We have watched this one-of-its-kind trailer one time too many and now we have empirical data why Ranveer Singh is the perfect choice for a desi Deadpool. So here are seven reasons why Ranveer is going to kill it as Deadpool's Hindi voice. Also, someone at Fox deserves a raise.

What a charmer, this guy!
There is a creepy weird and then there is Ranveer Singh weird. Right from his fashion statements to his interviews on our favorite talk shows, Ranveer knows to keep his viewers glued to their screens. This 2013 rapid fire round on Koffee With Karan was explosive, to put it mildly.

Quirk: Check! Sass: Check! Swagger: Check!

Apart from being on the panel for X-Force recruitment and annihilating Cable, Deadpool’s KRAs include wearing his quirks on his latex sleeves, dispensing unhealthy amounts of sass and having at least 17 tons of swag. Who else would be able to pull this off so organically?

He can mouth off silly dialogues with conviction
Here's how the English dialogues sound in Hindi. "Pump the hate brakes, Thanos" becomes “Kitna 
traas dega, Thanos!". "So dark! You sure you're not from the DC Universe?” becomes "Saale MC, BC…tu DC Universe se toh nahi hai?!". And all this with a dash of random "Aande chhote" and "Ooima". The Hindi version looks lit and Ranveer has a lot to do with it.

His superhero game is on point
This video speaks for itself. Let it not be said that we diluted your experience. Also, we feel the same way about Hrithik, so there's that.

He imbibes the character
From Bittu to Bajirao to Khilji, Ranveer makes every role he plays his own. We expect nothing but sassy excellence from him as Deadpool as well.

They're both sexy as hell
Okay, so this may take some time to explain. Ranveer’s fashion choices are anything but conventional as are Deadpool’s looks. They both look…umm, we want to go with unique, and yet they are sexy as hell. Can I get a hell yeah, ladies?

Ranveer Singh as Deadpool

Love him or hate him but you cannot ignore him
This one is self-explanatory. It is impossible to not take notice of Ranveer (or Deadpool) when they are in the room. You can try but you will fail.

The fans have enjoyed Avengers: Infinity War in Hindi and Deadpool 2 is bound to be a fun ride as well! If you haven’t watched the Hindi trailer yet, we strongly suggest you do so now.

And keep yourself updated about everything to do with Deadpool 2, including the review, stay tuned to this space. See you guys on 18th May 2018 at the theatres.