If you are a fan of Comedy Nights with Kapil, you would agree that Kapil’s comic timing is fantastic. While speaking to his guests or audience, he carefully observes their smallest gestures and gives it back to them in a hilarious way. Most of the times his jokes are so unapologetically cocky that it feels like “zor ka jhatka dheere se lage”.

But now the tables have turned. Kapil will now be grilled and interviewed by Karan Johar on the most popular celebrity talk show Koffee with Karan. In the teaser, you can see that Kapil is being his natural self and is killing it with his antics.
Kapil on the show
We are really excited to see how this episode will turn out to be. And based on the previous Koffee with Karan episodes, we have made our list of rapid fire questions that we think Karan should ask Kapil on the show. Scroll down to find out.

1) Translate the names of these English movies in Hindi:

  • The Silence of the Lambs
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Requiem for a Dream
  • Fifty Shades of Grey
  • Serendipity

2) Which directors would you like to work with?

  • Anurag Kashyap
  • Aditya Chopra
  • Karan Johar
  • Vishal Bharadwaj
  • Sanjay Leela Bhansali
  • Rajkumar Hirani
  • Imtiaz Ali
  • Anurag Basu

Kapil Sharma3) Which movie character would you like to date? And why?

  • Rani (Queen)
  • Alizeh (Ae Dil Hai Mushkil)
  • Geeta/Babita (Dangal)
  • Kia (Ki & Ka)
  • Tia (Kapoor and Sons)
  • Other 

4) If you could replace an actor in a movie, which actor and movie would it be?

  • Salman Khan (Bajrangi Bhaijaan)
  • Irrfan Khan (Piku)
  • R. Madhavan (Tanu Wed Manu series)
  • Varun Dhavan (Badlapur)
  • Aamir Khan (Dangal)
  • Shah Rukh Khan (Raees)

Kapil and Karan5) Who do you have a crush on?

  • Katrina Kaif
  • Deepika Padukone
  • Kareena Kapoor
  • Aishwarya Rai
  • Priyanka Chopra

6) If you were invisible, who would you spy on?

  • Amitabh Bachchan
  • Shah Rukh Khan
  • Salman Khan
  • Katrina Kaif
  • Deepika Padukone
  • Priyanka Chopra

7) Which celebrity do you want to swap lives with?

  • Amitabh Bachchan
  • Shah Rukh Khan
  • Salman Khan
  • Aamir Khan
  • Akshay Kumar
  • Other

Karan and Kapil8) Which song would you sing to best describe the following situations:

  • If you were stuck in a lift with Rakhi Sawant.
  • If you were married to Aishwarya Rai.
  • If you wake up and find that you are Gutthi in real life.
  • If you were Karan Johar in real life.  

9) If you were to write your autobiography, what will be its title?

  • The Race of My Life
  • Bossypants
  • Wishful Drinking
  • Does the Noise in My Head Bother You
  • The Stone Cold Truth

10) Turntable: One question that Kapil would like to ask Karan.
 How does it feel to interview such a big star like Kapil Sharma? (We are sure that fans of Kapil must have seen this coming).

So, if you were Karan Johar what questions would you ask Kapil? Comment below to let us know.