Guess who has bagged another Biopic? Hint: The one who effortlessly manages to transform himself into any character he plays; who also got high acclaim for portraying his role in Omung Kumar’s film, Sarbjit. Yup, you guessed it right! We are indeed talking about Randeep Hooda. After watching his stellar performance in Sarbjit, Rajkumar Santoshi has roped him in to play the role of a Sikh soldier for his film that's based on the battle of Saragarhi, set in the year 1897. From the first look of the film, we can see that the film is going to be intense, and we have faith in Randeep Hooda to do justice to his character. So all the Hooda fans out there, are you curious to know more about this film? Read on to get all the details!

Let’s begin by giving you some background information:

What happened at the battle of Saragarhi?
The battle of Saragarhi is the day of pride for the Sikhs. This is a battle that reminds us how 21 brave men fought against all odds to fulfill their duties. On 12th September 1897, around 10,000 Afghan Orakzai tribesmen attacked the British Indian contingent that consisted on 21 Sikhs, who belonged to 36th Sikhs (now called the 4th Battalion of the Sikh Regiment). At the time, they were posted at the North-West Frontier Province, which is now a part of Pakistan.

Who is Havildar Ishar Singh?
These 21 brave men were led by Havildar Ishar Singh, who along with Ishar Singh, chose to fight to their deaths instead of surrendering. In order to honor the bravery of Ishar Singh, the British Parliament awarded him the Indian Order of Merit, posthumously.

What is Randeep doing for his role?
Randeep, who lost 18 Kgs in 28 days in order to play the role of Sarabjit Singh, is now studying the history of Sikhs under the guidance of a guru. He is also going to master horse riding, sword fighting, and learn how to shoot a vintage rifle in the next couple of months. This sounds super exciting, and we cannot wait to see Randeep in this character.

What do others think about this?
Rahul Mittra, the filmmaker and the CEO of Wave Cinemas, tells us, “He (Randeep Hooda) has the body language of a warrior and he will be beefing up to resemble Ishar Singh. He has already started growing his hair and beard.

He also adds, “Taking care of the sentiments of the Sikh community is of utmost importance and Randeep is extremely serious about the prep. Being a Sikh soldier means embracing calmness and pure forms of warfare. There can be no frivolous behaviour and Randeep has completely submerged himself into the part.

In addition to that, Randeep Hooda has also locked-in on a three-film deal with Raju Chadha. Looks like big budgeted films are on the charts.

What else?
Since this movie is based on an epic battle, it only makes sense for the makers to do the Mahurat Shot on 12th September, 2016 at Saragarhi Gurudwara in Amritsar. For now, let's hold on to our horses and eagerly wait for the trailer. We hope we get to see a realistic film!

For more scoop on Battle of Saragarhi, watch this space!