Review: Rebel is a movie tailor-made for two kinds of people – those who prefer leaving their brains at home to watch this for pure entertainment value and those who probably can’t tell the difference between Count Dracula and Edward Cullen. Rebel is a movie which has traces of a few Hindi movies from here and there. The heroics of the protagonist will leave even the likes of Superman and Batman spellbound. The movie is action-packed and has some crazy action sequences. The story is about Rishi, played by Prabhas, who seeks vengeance on a certain “Stephen Roberts” because of an unfortunate incident. A lot of of spice, action and some strong dialogues make this movie a complete entertainer.

The first half of the movie can get quite confusing. There are times when the audience may feel they are lost in a labyrinth (much like the one Harry Potter was lost in The Goblet of Fire). The second half is better and has a twist that can probably be second guessed by a 5th grader. The movie throws nothing unexpected at you and is a straight-in-your-face action. The background score was kind of a let down. The music wasn’t really up to the mark. Raghava Lawrence, the music composer of the film, did a pretty mediocre job. He even managed to mess up RHCP’s hit song Give it away.

There are a few traces of some Bollywood films in the movie (one of them being the Bobby Deol starrer Soldier). There is nothing much you can really expect from this movie but if you want to be entertained, this movie shall do the trick.


The actors did a fairly reasonable job. Brahmanandam, who played the role of Narasa Raju, was fabulous. Quirky dialogues and strong delivery made him stand out among all the other actors. Prabhas was fairly decent and executed his action sequences with ease. Nandini (the heroine of the film), played by Tamannaah was terrible. Not that it really mattered. Considering her outfits throughout the movie, majority of the audience (especially male) are sure to miss out on her facial expressions and body language. The rest of the cast did well enough to make this movie worth a one time watch.

This movie is a complete entertainer and will definitely get you to hoot on quite a few occasions.

Verdict: Leave your brains at home and you shall enjoy this movie.

Movie Details
Director: Raghava Lawrence
Cast:  Prabhas, Tamannah Bhatia, Deeksha Seth, Krishnam Raju, Brahmanandam
Music: Raghava Lawrence
Length: 2 hours 57 minutes

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