A few days ago, the new poster for the Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released. And boy, was it good! It managed to showcase the entire universe in a single view, something very few posters have managed to do. It’s a gorgeous, distinctive piece, and with that being said, the Star Wars posters have always been something of a treat to the eyes. Therefore, at this wondrous time, when the trailer for The Force Awakens has finally been released, we figured we’d make a collection of the best Star Wars posters ever. Here you go!

1. The Empire Strikes Back – Style B
This one, by Tom Jung, was a masterpiece, and continues to be. With a special emphasis on martial arts styles, Jung incorporated a menacing Vader with his hand outstretched and a few Stormtroopers heading out to battle in this gorgeous poster. 
2. The Revenge of the Jedi
For crying out loud, this one had Vader and Luke fighting it out. We had to put this one here. 
3. Star Wars
This poster has become so iconic that companies actually put it on bedsheets and sold it. With an intimidating, light saber-wielding Vader in the back, the artwork is sublime, and incorporates the main characters exceptionally. Don’t miss Chewie and R2D2!
4. The Phantom Menace
One of the best Prequel posters in the franchise, the poster for the Phantom Menace was, and still is, a beautiful sight to most nerds. Closely matching the Special Editions, the poster also made you believe that you were going to see a brilliant Star Wars film. Drew Struzan, take a bow. 
5. Star Wars (Original)
The first poster many people first saw of the franchise, this one will always be special. Even though it made Luke look like a ripoff of He-Man, face it- it’s what defined the film series. 
6. Return of the Jedi
This one had to be here, just because of that bikini. 
So there you have it, just a few of the best Star Wars posters ever. Take a look at the new one, which was just released, as well as the trailer for The Force Awakens.