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Amazon Obijhan: Film Review – An Adventure of a Lifetime

Verdict: A picturesque adventure that one must not miss.

Kamaleshwar Mukherjee’s Amazon Obhijaan is a tribute to Bibhuti Bhushan Bandopadhyay and a sequel to Bandopadhyay’s Chander Pahar. With Amazon Obhijaan Dev marks a return as Shankar Chowdhury, the Bengali explorer by heart and a teacher in his village by profession, ready to quench his thirst for adventure.

Amazon Obhijaan - BookMyShow Blog

What’s Amazon Obhijaan About:

The movie revolves around the discovery of the City of Manoa, which is known by various names like El Dorado, the City of Gold in the Amazon being only a few. The City of Manoa is said to have been first excavated by the Spanish people and none had managed to reach the destination ever again. After the failure of her father’s expedition to the Amazon, Anna Florian (Svetlana Gulakova), an anthropologist meets with Shankar (Dev Adhikari) and asks for his help in the expedition and to help her father make his way out of depression. However, even before the start of their Amazon adventure Shankar had to win over the heart of Marco who had grown bitter from the failure of his last expedition. On the mission, Shankar and his companions Anna and Marco had to come across many hurdles and witnessed the beauty of various civilization about which had had seldom read like the white supremacy over the native Rubber tribe origins, slavery, Spanish attacks, the wild of the Amazon and so on. In the process, many lives were lost including Anna’s father Marco Florian (David James) to Anaconda attack. To know what happens next, whether Shankar and Anna manage to reach the El Dorado one must see the movie.

What Works:

The movie has a good background score. The picturisation and the editing of the movie was also good and together with the narration kept the audience engaged throughout the movie. The actors are convincing and complement each other perfectly as a team.

What Could Have Been Better:

Although Amazon Obhijaan is a good movie, what could have made it a better one was the fact that the movie seemed a bit too dragged at times. Also, the animation could have been a bit better.

Why You Should Watch it:

For all those who love adventure and are in love with traveling and exploring new places like Shankar, this movie is a must watch for them. The movie, although a sequel, has managed to maintain the essence of Bibhuti Bhushan Bandopadhyay’s character.

By Smita Nag