Verdict: A one-time watch.

Director Reshmi Mitra’s Baranda is based on the acclaimed novel Moti Nandi and deals with how the emotions, expectation, and requirements of the individuals got their lives all entangled. It highlights many of the complexities of a relationship that is prevalent to date.


What’s Baranda About:

Baranda revolves around the lives of Giri (Bratya Basu), a car mechanic and Runu (Rituparna Sengupta). Runu was born in a poor family where her father was rendered jobless and her mother was a nurse by profession who in order to earn some extra money for the family got herself involved in prostitution. Giri accompanied his colleague and friend Mohan who frequented Runu’s place as a client and with time developed a relationship with Runu. After the death of her father Runu starts living with Giri but their happy days were counted as Giri ended up losing his leg after an accident in the garage. Giri held Mohan responsible for the accident although he never uttered anything about it to Runu. The accident left Giri demoralised and cranky which led him to cut off all contacts with the outside world and take solace in his balcony. The balcony became his whole world, his identity. Insecurities started to creep in and everything starts falling apart with the entry of Giri’s cousin Ambar (Saheb Bhattacharya). Ambar, a footballer by profession was the complete opposite of Giri and the only breath of fresh air for Runu amidst all her troubles. What happens next is what the movie is all about.

What Works:

The movie has a great music score. The actors were also good in their respective characters especially Bratya Basu and Rituparna Sengupta as Giri and Runu. The cast put up a good work as a team, complementing each other. The storyline was moved at a good progression.

What Could Have Been Better:

Many scenes were left incomplete which may have left the audience a little confused. A little bit of pace could have done wonders for the movie.

Why You Should Watch:

One must go and watch it at least once for the good storyline and also for the performance of the actors.

– Written by Smita Nag.