Biler Diary: Film Review — Story of a Child, a Teacher, and a Magic Diary

Verdict: Relive your childhood one more time.

Biswaroop BiswasBiler Diary is about a retreat of the alumnus of the Ramkrishna Mission (Narendrapur) boarding school. The students live their childhood once more through Anabil’s narration.

What’s Biler Diary About:

Anabil a.k.a Bile (Samadarshi Dutta), one of the alumni who works for the UNICEF, narrates the experiences he and his batchmates faced when their parents sent them to the boarding. Young Bile (Aaditya Pratap Singh) faced a lot of trouble keeping up with the highly disciplined boarding life and to add to his misery was his bullying senior Bishey and the very strict Kalu Maharaj. Just when Bile started to give up all hope, enters a kind yet firm Kanu Maharaj (Biswanath Basu) popularly known as Kanu Da. Under his guidance, all equations start changing in the institution. On the occasion of the hostel building’s foundation day, Bile’s ward wins the competition, his handcrafted statue of Swami Vivekananda is installed in the school and as a reward the team was given a diary each by the institution. However, there seems to be a shortage and Bile is left without one. So he takes up an old diary which turns out to be magical.  Whatever he writes comes true the very next day. The mystery of the diary unfolds as the movie progresses.

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What Works:

The movie has a very good music score. The rendition of Satyajit Ray’s music in song sequences is also well incorporated. The actors do a fine job, especially the child artistes. Aaditya Pratap Singh who essays the younger characters of Bile qualifies a special mention. The movie overall flowed very well keeping the audience well engaged. The editing and picturisation is on point.

What Could Have Been Better:

The part of the diary should have been given a little bit more importance as the name of the movie suggests. Without it, the plot seems pretty common. 

Why You Should Watch It:

It is a onetime watch for all those who like drama and definitely for the performance of the child artistes.

– By Smita Nag