Verdict:  A perfect mix of comedy and mystery.

What separates Souvik Mitra’s Curzoner Kalom from other thrillers is its perfect blend of thrill and timely infused comedy. A pen gifted by Lord Curzon to the Mitters, a Bengali zamindar family and the mystery of its sudden disappearance is what the movie spins around.

What’s Curzoner Kalom About:

The movie starts with a flashback of 1905 when Lord Curzon, a guest of honor to the Mitters’ gifted his most precious pen to Panchu Mitter (Paran Bandopadhyay) on the occasion of their Durga Puja. But with a sudden attack from political revolutionaries, the new owner of Curzon’s pen hides it out of fear. On his deathbed, Panchu Mitter leaves behind two riddles which when solved would lead to the very precious pen. The movie is then fast forwarded 100 years to the present time when the Mitter descendants are going through a financial struggle in maintaining their family heritage of organizing the Durga Puja. The only way to fix all problems and to continue the tradition was to find the pen. The question arises rightly … what is it about the pen that makes it so pricelessly important? The importance lies in the fact that it was the very pen with which the Bengal Partition was signed and priceless for it was made of gold with a 10 karat diamond inset. Naturally, it brought with it a lot of unwanted attention from smugglers like Manohar (Kharaj Mukherjee) and Gunodhar (Kanchan Mullick). The duty to prevent the end of the Mitter legacy falls on the shoulders of Pupu (Poulomi Das) and Tatu (Saheb Bhattacharya) assisted by their Jota Mama (Paran Bandopadhyay). The plot gets even more interesting with a murder relating to the disappearance of the missing pen. The movie, as it progresses, unfolds the mysteries one by one.

What Works:

The movie is a complete package with the right amount of comedy, romance, and a gripping mystery. Overall it was a good movie where all the actors were in sync. Saheb, Poulomi, and Paran Bandopadhyay did absolute justice to their roles. Perfect comic timing was provided by Kanchan and Kharaj’s camaraderie. The picturization was also on point.

What Could Have Been Better:

The facts tend to get a bit confusing in certain instances. A few scenes seemed a bit dragged. The climax could have been portrayed better as it seemed too rushed. To sum it up, the editing could have been much better.

Why You Should Watch it:

It is a good watch for all who like thrillers with a slight humor in it. A rather interesting storyline, great cast and a good background score to complement the movie.

– Written by Smita Nag