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Mayurakshi: Film Review – A Reflection of the Society of Today’s Time

Verdict: A 1 hour 42 minutes of complete manifestation of every household story.

Atanu Ghosh’s “Mayurakshi” beautifully portrays our everyday condition. In today’s time, we all are participants in a rat race…looking for better opportunities, adventure, better life. In this race against time the ones who are left completely lonely are the aging parents, dealing with their emptiness all alone, or at the hands of domestic help.

What’s Mayurakshi all about:

Aryanil (Prosenjit Chatterjee), returns from the US at the news of his father’s deteriorating health. Dealing with his own emotional crisis of 2 failed marriages, he returns to find his father Sushovan (Soumitra Chatterjee) suffering from neurological problems along with dementia. Sushovan lives in Kolkata under the care of Mallika (Sudipta Chakraborty) and Robi, his trusted and most loyal caretaker and servant respectively. In his condition of old age and other age-related health problems, Sushovan keeps asking for a certain Mayurakshi. Concerned about his father’s health Aryanil decides to admit him in a hospital to get his routine medical check-up done and also to search and find Mayurakshi to keep his father’s request. It turns out that Mayurakshi was Sushovan’s favorite student. In his search for Mayurakshi, Aryanil came across some events which he ignored previously which made complete sense to his present condition. To know what happens next, one must see the movie.

Mayurakshi Review - BookMyShow

What Works:

The actors were flawless in their performance, special mention must be made of Soumitra Chatterjee and Prosenjit Chatterjee for their beautiful portrayal of the characters, Susovan and Aryanil respectively. Amidst the intensity, the light moments between Aryanil and his childhood friend Sahana (Indrani Halder) came as a breather. The picturisation and editing of the movie was also on point. The background score also complimented the movie beautifully. The pace of the movie was also well balanced. Together as a team, Mayurakshi has done a great job.

What Could Have Been Better:

Although most things about the movie were in the positive, the climax was a bit of a disappointment. The climax left the audience a bit dazed and confused for some time. Apart from the climax the movie was beautiful to watch.

Why You Should Watch It:

The movie is a must watch for all those who love family drama with a touch of mystery attached to it. The movie is sure to touch the heart of all its audience with its simplistic approach and extremely relatable subject.

— Smita Nag