There is no dearth of films that explore modern relationships. However, the number of well-made short films about modern romance is much smaller. While some films seem outdated and judgmental in their approach, others try so hard to be relevant that they make everyone under the age of 30 seem like a caricature of themselves. Fortunately, there are still a few gems out there, and 97% is one of them.

97% shows us the struggle of a man who tries to find love using his smartphone. When the LoveMatch app on his phone alerts him about a 97% match within 25 meters of him, he must try to find her, before the subway reaches the next stop. His attempt to locate and approach the almost-perfect match forms the crux of Ben Brand‘s short film.

97% is delightful, poignant and relevant. The film makes a beautiful point about love in the 21st century. Though the central message is in no way groundbreaking, Ben Brand depicts it in a unique, eye-opening and non-judgmental way!

It also helps that the film is wonderfully made. You don’t need to be a cinematographer to see that the film is aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, 97% manages to convey and evoke emotions without using any dialogue. And of course, it has a noteworthy plot to boot. The character’s initial curiosity, eventual interest and ultimate desperation are bound to keep the viewer engaged. Will his quest for his perfect woman end in success? Or is this match doomed from the very beginning? There’s only one way to find out:

97% (Short film) from Ben Brand on Vimeo.