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Aftermath: Film Review – Prepare To Be Shocked

Verdict: A grim insight into PTSD through real experiences.

The media has recently started being vocal about mental issues. Depression is the talk of the hour and everyone from celebrities to comedians are addressing this issue. PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) is another form of depression, which usually occurs after a shocking or a highly upsetting event. Elliott Lester’s new film, Aftermath, which also marks the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger after two years, talks about PTSD through a real-life incident. Schwarzenegger plays Roman Melnyk, a guy who is devastated by the loss of his wife and daughter in a fatal plane crash. Now he only has revenge on his mind. Unlike regular revenge thrillers, this film focusses on the experiences of those people affected by the plane crash, rather than the revenge plot.  

It was a normal day for Roman at the construction site. He worked hard, followed orders, and went home to a quiet life. He was looking forward to the return of his wife and pregnant daughter the next day, but his dreams were shattered when the news broke that they were killed in a plane crash. Roman is not the only one whose life seems to have been affected. Jacob (Scoot McNairy), the air-traffic controller, whose negligence led to the crash, is in a state of shock too. While Roman’s grief is expected, Jacob’s behavior is fairly unusual. To make things worse, he loses his only source of support – his wife, Christina (Maggie Grace), who moves away with their son. His only choice is to move to another city and change his identity. But can he truly escape his past?

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Aftermath, like the name suggests, mainly portrays the experiences of both Roman and Jacob after the disaster. Both suffer from PTSD but have different reactions to the situation. Roman is mostly grieving, and it’s a pity to see the action hero in such a deplorable condition. Schwarzenegger is fairly convincing in his role, and even though he cannot get over his action star persona, he manages to elicit the right response from the audience. Even though McNairy has a bigger part to play, he is largely overshadowed by Schwarzenegger. The pace of the film varies in different situations. Starting off moderately, the aftermath takes up most of the movie, while the revenge plot hardly takes place over the last 15 minutes. Even though the story has been paced out well, there is not a dull moment, even though the movie is largely devoid of happy moments. For the audience, there’s plenty to expect, experience, and explore.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Watch the return of Schwarzenegger to the big screen. He’s no longer shooting bullets or playing the savior. He shows off his emotional side, one many can connect with. Otherwise, know the story behind one of the deadliest fatal airplane disasters of the world.