Verdict: A wartime love story sans romance.

There’s much hype around the new release, Allied, starring Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard. It is not much to do with the film itself, rather the alleged romance between its lead stars, resulting in the biggest celebrity divorce of 2016. Pitt and Cotillard were rumored to have taken their onscreen chemistry to the next level, leading to whispers of infidelity on both ends. But after watching Allied, the rumors can be put to rest, as it is now assured that Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard do not share a great chemistry. The rumors were simply false. In fact, Pitt clearly was occupied with something else, as he has allowed himself to be outshone by the second lead. Cotillard grabs all the attention in Allied, while Pitt's performance is not his best.

The plot of Allied is pretty apparent in the trailer itself. After having met during an intelligence operation in 1942, Max Vatan (Brad Pitt) and Marianne Beausejour (Marion Cotillard) fall in love and get married. They settle in Hamsptead and have a daughter named Anna, who is born amidst the war. A year later, Vatan, who still works as an intelligence officer, is told by a Special Operations Executive that his wife of one year is suspected to be a German spy. Vatan does not believe the allegations at first but is coerced into being a part of the operation that will reveal the truth. The allegations come at a great price to Vatan, who may have to execute the mother of his child, if proven true.

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For a wartime romance, Allied is not as bleak as expected. The first half has several light moments, where Max and Marianne pose as a married couple to carry out their operation. There’s humoraction, and romance that blend well with the narrative to make an interesting watch. Here, the focus is on Cotillard, who is clearly the better of the pair. Pitt only gets one shot to shine, when he has to deal a pack of cards, and even with his stoic demeanor, he manages to impress.

The focus shifts to Pitt’s character in the latter part of the first half, and all of the second, in which his demeanor does not change despite the shift in situation. While the plot gets tenser, the emotions fall flat. Here, even Cotillard seems to lose her charm, as the focus is solely on Pitt’s character. There is no humor or romance in this latter half, and only Pitt’s personal investigation scenes provide some action relief. Yet, there is not one dull moment, as the movie is paced out well despite the subpar editing, thanks to the censor cuts. Overall, even though the film gives the viewers a look at a rather dreary period of history, it still makes for a lovely watch.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

If you miss watching old-time classic romances, Allied will fill that void. There is not too much of anything, which makes it a very comforting film, which is beautiful to look at.