Argo: Movie Review

Review: Seldom do we see movies that successfully transport you back to the 70s and 80s. Especially those based on true events like those that transpired in an emergency situation during the Iranian Revolution of 1979, locking out all inhabitants of the country including visitors, embassy officials etc. What you also see is the friendly association between the U.S. and Canadian embassies,when the former aids in rescuing six U.S. Embassy officials to escape from the wrath of the Iranian nationals after the overthrow of the last monarch of Persia.
Ben Affleck, director and actor, manages to keep his audiences on the edge-of-their seats through the 120-minute run-time of the film. The script is crisp and you may find a chill going down your spine every time you find yourself in an emphatic moment. There is an uncanny resemblance between the characters in the film and the real life people the film is based on, which hints clearly on the amount of research that went in before the film was shot. Each frame is spectacularly captured to show the agony, the pain, the anxiety and the joy each person goes through while they are trying to find a way out of the mayhem. 
Argo starts with events during the Iranian Revolution. Many U.S. nationals (among others) were kept hostage without any escape route for them outside the country. Back in the home country, the main issue at hand is how to help six Embassy officials return to the place where they belong. Without an aid, they would have been found and killed consequently. 
Enter exfiltration specialist Tony Mendez, played by Ben Affleck who devises of a plan that he wants to execute while being aware that it is not short of perils. One would only wonder if this was all happening in reality or was a plan such as this actually feasible to be made into a possibility back then. The sheer use of brains and wit from the exfil-specialist was a laudable effort. 
That’s not all, there is satire and black comedy. With it’s share of laughs, the film cuts through the overall buzzing tension. Most of all, the climax would have you so engaged that your heart would feel the glee of the officials while you heaved a sigh of relief at the positive turn of events! All in all, a superbly-crafted film based on true facts along with the look of each character in the film. Kudos to everyone for touching upon a topic such as this, as well as amassing the information of this declassified mission and using it expertly. 
Verdict: Well-executed, will garner as many rave reviews as awards. 
Movie Details: 
Director: Ben Affleck
Cast & Crew: Bryan Cranston, Ben Affleck, Taylor Schilling, John Goodman, Kyle Chandler , Chris Messina, Clea DuVall, Rory Cochrane, Tate Donovan
Music: Alexandre Desplat
Length: 2 hrs
Writer: Joshuah Bearman, Chris Terrio

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