Verdict: The perfect culmination of all the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.

There was an idea to change the way we look at superhero movies and that idea has come to its pinnacle and how. The foundation of the Marvel  Cinematic Universe lays on those fans have grown up reading comic books or even catching those animated TV shows and it is made for those very fans. Anthony and Joe Russo along with Kevin Feige have accomplished what would have once been impossible. Yes, Avengers Infinity War lives upto the mega-hype and we are ready to tell you all about it; spoiler free, of course.

What’s Avengers: Infinity War About:

Thanos (Josh Brolin) from the planet Titan is in search of Infinity Stones that were created just after the big bang. The stones are spread across the galaxy and two of them have found their way to Earth. Thanos doesn’t care about eliminating anyone who comes in his way and it is upto the Avengers, Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and the Guardians of the Galaxy to stop him now. 

Avengers Infinity War Review

What works:

For everyone who has been invested in each of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, this is payback time and you are in for a treat. While this is the biggest crossover in history, it has been done without compromising the essence of each character. The Guardians bring their amazing music and it mixes well with each character’s own brand of humor. The whole process feels organic and at no point seems forced. Even the visuals are rich and a true feast for your eyes. Without revealing much we will say that keep an eye out for Thor (Chris Hemsworth) (see what we did there).
Marvel has finally found a solution to their villain problem. The character of the mad Titan Thanos has been set up since the first Avengers movie. While he might have seemed like a big purple dude who just wants to destroy the world, all of that changes with this movie. There is so much happening in the movie that you don’t even feel that this is the longest MCU movie.

What could have been better:

If you are going to the movie without even hearing the term Marvel Cinematic Universe or having a basic knowledge of the characters, there are a few references that you might not understand. But unless you have been living under a rock, that is unlikely to happen.

Why you should watch this movie:

We can safely say that this movie is going to change the way we look at the comic book movies now. Not only is this movie one of the perfect adaptations of a comic book, but this is also a very satisfying culmination of every different road Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken. It has all your favorite superheroes in one single movie. What more could you want?

P.S. This one does not have a mid-credit scene.

P.P.S Please don’t miss the post credit scene.

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