Everyone knows what an epic movie Avengers: Infinity War was. With crossovers from every MCU movie, this one was every nerd’s dream come true. There were 64 main characters in this movie, and each one of them played an important part.

Everything aside, there’s one thing nobody, not even the biggest of Marvel fans, could have expected. The Hindi dubbed version of this saga was just as epic as the original one (in a different way obviously). From the action sequences to the dialogues, everything was changed to make it even more relatable to Hindi audiences. And now, the film is getting a re-release. Yes, you read it right. It is not easy to write the complete experience of watching it, so we present you five reasons why you need to watch Avengers: Infinity War in Hindi:

1. A Totally Different Experience Than its English Counterpart

It is the same movie and the same visuals but a completely different experience. The script has not been literally translated in Hindi and you’ll thank all the MCU gods for that. The Hindi script has a very Bollywood-y approach and it goes smoothly with the physics-defying, over-the-top action as well. Watching your favorite characters talk like that makes the most serious scenes extremely funny (which is actually what happens in every MCU movie too) and the entire movie a shockingly good experience.

2. Desi Humor

If you have ever seen a dubbed movie, you are well aware of the kind of humor we are talking about and Infinity War is laced with many such punchlines customized for the desi audience. The dubbing artists have also tried to recreate the Hindi dialogues in the same style, bass and volume as the original characters and it has only added to the hilarity. It is an outrageously funny rollercoaster ride with references of the Bollywood kind.

Avengers: Infinity War in Hindi - BookMyShow

3. The Bollywood Angle

The Hindi version has been changed into a Bollywood movie, quite literally. It has quoted legendary movies and called out Bollywood movie names in the most unexpected situations. There are also scenes where they have gone to compare the Marvel heroes with Bollywood mahabalis like Sunny Paaji. It is just unbelievably entertaining.

4. Crazy Dialogues

Name your favorite dialogue from any Bollywood action-thriller and it will be in this movie. Right from “Keh ke lenge, “Kismat badi kutti cheez haai“, to “Ye hath mujhe de de thakur, it will satiate the Bollywood maniac in you.

Avengers: Infinity War in Hindi - BookMyShow

5. Ghar ki Baat

The movie becomes more relatable to an exceedingly large audience in India when the language is Hindi. The dubbed version also makes it easier to take your parents, the Marvel-curious, and your Hindi-speaking friends to share this amazing experience with.

Avengers Infinity War is re-releasing in Hindi on the 2nd of October and the fun will continue! Make the most of this and go berserk with this nutty film. Cannot imagine how Avengers talk in Hindi? Let this snippet enlighten you, where we see Rocket, Bucky, Groot and Captain America exchange slick lines in Hindi.

Book your tickets to this madness right away. But before that, here’s a trailer you cannot miss.