When something goes wrong at a research facility, a contagious virus escapes resulting in turning most residents of a city into flesh-eating killers. Battle of the Damned follows Commander Max Gatling (Dolph Lundgren), as he enters the city to rescue an industrialist’s daughter from these flesh-eaters. Here, he comes across other survivors who also need to be rescued from the ‘eaters’. So naturally, he enlists an army of robots to help him. 
Apart from the obvious fictional element, Battle of the Damned is one of the few recent sci-fi films to contain realistic characters. This is aided by the fact that the visual effects are also good, especially for an indie movie. Though it’s in no way the next Avatar, the effects are certainly believable and they enhance the otherwise ordinary story. Additionally, the movie also features action scenes that are realistic and enjoyable. 
The acting in the movie is average, which means they are surprisingly good for a zombie movie. Though Dolph Lundgren is disappointing in his portrayal of commander Max Gatling, Melanie Zanetti‘s charming performance makes up for it. Another surprising highlight of the movie is the chemistry between Gatling and one of the robots (Tim Cooper). In fact, scenes with the two are probably the most-entertaining parts of the movie.
However, even all this can’t save Battle of the Damned. The main flaw of the film is undoubtedly the plot’s lack of originality. Throughout the movie, you find yourself wondering where you’ve seen the exact same scene before. In fact, a lot of the scenes are reminiscent of recent zombie films like World War Z, Warm Bodies and the Resident Evil series.
To add to that, the movie also has its fair share of logical flaws and continuity errors. However, what harms Battle of the Damned the most is its lack of any character development. Though no one expects rich back stories from apocalyptic films, this plot still feels a little too flimsy. The complete lack of a connection with the characters keeps the viewer from rooting for the protagonist.
Why should you watch this film?
If you enjoy campy sci-fi or action movies, Battle of the Damned is right up your alley. Blood, guts and over-the-top dialogue make it an entertaining watch for fans of the genre. However, if you’re actually looking for a good apocalyptic movie to watch, this film isn’t for you. 

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