When you hear that Samuel L. Jackson is going to playing the President in a film, you’d think you’re going to see the badass Samuel L. Jackson we all love. Unfortunately, we don’t see that. The real hero of Big Game is Onni Tommila.

 Big Game is about young Oskari (Tommila) who must go to a vast forest, alone, with only a bow and arrow to protect himself. In a rite of passage in a tribe that only has men, boys must go into the forest when they turn 13, and kill big game and return in order to become men.

However, Oskari is a young and hapless child and a far cry from a man. He embarks on his journey, hoping to make his father proud. Meanwhile, the President of the United States is travelling to Helsinki, for a G8 summit. Air Force One, however, is gunned down by terrorists looking to extort the US Government and the President is feared dead.


Samuel L. Jackson plays the President (Alan Moore), and lands in an escape pod in the forest where Oskari is hunting. A hilarious scene of note here is when Oskari stumbles upon the pod and Samuel L. Jackson says, “Son, I’m the President of the United States.” Oskari acts like the hardened hunter that he is definitely not, and says, “What’s the proof?”

They both form a bond of friendship and try to get away from their pursuers, who are played by Ray Stevenson (as Morris), a corrupt Secret Service agent who works with a psychopath terrorist, played by Mehmet Kurtulus (as Hazar).

The film lacks punch in terms of story, but makes up with Tommila and Jackson’s on screen camaraderie and the beautiful locales of Finland.

Director Jalmari Helander impresses with his jaw dropping set pieces, and the supporting cast of Felicity Huffman and Jim Broadbent also does well.

Why Should You Watch the Film?

Catch Big Game if you’re looking to see Samuel L. Jackson on screen again, and a few super slow-motion scenes. Wait for the ejector seat scene and a more than a few things bursting into flames