Blood Pulls a Gun: Short Film Review

How do you kill time in a place where nothing happens?

Blood Pulls a Gun follows Alice (Odessa Young), a young girl who helps run a hotel in the middle of nowhere in Australia. When things get dull, Alice resorts to looking through keyholes and stealing items from strangers. However, her life takes an unpredictable twist when a brooding man, Blood Lieberman (Josh McConville), checks into the hotel.

In typical Ben Briand fashion, Blood Pulls a Gun is a visual masterpiece. In fact, every frame of the short film looks like it’s straight out of a vintage polaroid.

Though it is beautifully filmed, there’s far more to this film than just its style. It strikes a remarkable balance between style and substance, and the result is an irresistibly good-looking slow burner. Blood Pulls a Gun moves at a leisurely pace, helping it build an unreal amount of tension. Because of this, it finds the perfect middle ground between a noir crime film and a coming-of-age flick.

Blood Pulls a Gun is also backed by two stellar performances that allow it to reach its maximum potential. Odessa Young is perfect as the bored teenager, whose curiosity lands her in big trouble. Josh McConville‘s depiction of the enigmatic stranger complements her performance, making it seem more realistic. Together, the duo perfectly capture the essence of their respective characters in this stunning short film.

All things considered, Blood Pulls a Gun is perfect for viewers looking for a trip back to the golden age of cinema. Want to watch the sexy, charming and riveting short film? Look no further: