Verdict: A rom-com that isn’t afraid to be frank. 

Unless you’ve been completely disconnected from the world in the past few years, you are bound to have heard of 50 Shades of Grey. The highly controversial book became even more popular when it was adapted into a film. Everyone has discussed it at some point, and in Book Club, you can see veteran actresses, who are way past the age that women worry about grey hair, discuss 50 Shades of Grey. Do you even need more of a reason for watching it?

What’s Book Club About: 

Four lifelong friends who met in the 70s, who all lead very different lives, have a book club that has been a long-standing tradition in their lives. Diane (Diane Keaton) is a widow whose husband has died last year, has her two daughters insisting that she move to Arizona and live in their basement so she’s close if anything happens to her. Vivian (Jane Fonda) plays the strong and independent hotel owner who claims she doesn’t need a man in her life but is actually afraid of getting hurt if she makes a commitment. Sharon (Candice Bergen) is a federal judge who divorced her husband 18 years ago and has not been on a date since. Carol (Mary Steenbergen) is a chef and restaurateur who has been happily married to Bruce (Craig T. Nelson) for years but is worried that the two are growing apart. Everything in their life changes when Vivian picks 50 Shades of Grey for their book club, which leads them to question their life.

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What Works:

It isn’t often that you get a rom-com with mature couples and even fewer ones who focus solely on the women. Book Club certainly fills that gap. All the four women shake up their love lives looking for some excitement after reading 50 Shades of Grey. The four storylines are managed perfectly, with enough time spent on each of the women and with the effects that the topics of the book have.

Needless to say, there is an abundance of quality acting in Book Club. When you have actresses who have been doing this for a long time, you know they’re pros in keeping a straight face while trying to talk seriously about 50 Shades of Grey. The chemistry between the couples – Diane and an airline pilot (Andy Garcia), Vivian and her old flame, Arthur (Don Johnson), Carol and her husband, and Sharon’s online match – all work in the way that they’re meant to. Their relationships are all different, much like the women, but portrayed realistically enough they’re extremely relatable.

What Could Have Been Better:

There are times when the plot of Book Club feels predictable, but that’s to be expected in a rom-com. There are also times when the characters of Book Club try to impart wisdom which doesn’t quite fit the tone of the film,  but even then it remains highly engaging because of the sincerity on the actors’ parts.

Why You Should Watch: 

If you love some good acting from award-winning actors and some good comedy with some generous doses of romance, Book Club is a must-watch. The film also features many absurdly hilarious situations that are bound to make you laugh out loud. And who doesn’t love a good laugh?