The Boss Baby: Film Review – Baby’s Got Backbone!

Verdict: A great way to make you fall in love with babies again.

Kids are annoying, and that’s a fact! They are little brats, whose screams we can hear over our noise-cancelling headphones. They are needy, whiny, and get away with anything they do. One of our worst nightmares probably is spending long hours with a baby on public transport. The Boss Baby, a newly released animated comedy by Tom McGrath, tries to bring back that love humankind once had for babies. And it nearly succeeds.

The Boss Baby explores the adorable bond that siblings share. Even if you don’t like babies, The Boss Baby makes a great watch, because the baby is not a real baby. At least not the kind who cries, and coos, and burps. The Boss Baby is a fully matured adult in the body of a baby. And he is the boss! The Boss Baby has come to earth on a mission – to make babies cute again. His biggest hindrance is the kid of the family he has joined, his elder brother Tim Templeton. But Tim and the Boss want the same thing. To complete the mission and send the Boss back to his home in the sky, so Tim can once again be the only child. But Francis Francis of PuppyCo. is making things difficult for Tim and the Boss. Their little squabbles eventually turn into camaraderie for a common cause. What happens next is something you’ll connect with if you have a sibling of your own.  

The Boss Baby still - BookMyShow

fun animated comedy, The Boss Baby makes for a great one-time watch. If you are a fan of Alec Baldwin’s work, you will enjoy him as this matured adult in a baby’s body. He is the self-proclaimed hero of the movie, even though Tim Templeton is the one who saves the day. Other funny characters include the babies who are a part of his play date, and the antagonist of the movie – Francis Francis (Steve Buscemi), and his henchman, Eugene (Conrad Vernon). Like the director’s previous work, the Madagascar series, The Boss Baby too follows a fast pace, with quick clapbacks. There is actionentertainment, and plenty of laughs guaranteed. But towards the end, the comedy dies down and is replaced by cheesy emotional drama. You might find the end a little underwhelming, especially if you are gunning for the corporate suit-wearing boss baby. If not, the movie provides a perfect ending for a special relationship between brothers.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

The movie is best enjoyed with your sibling, as you will relate to those struggles of growing up with one. Otherwise, it still makes for a fun watch, with your friends and family. This is a perfect movie to unwind, and enjoy a few laughs, especially after a tough day at work.