A cheating husband, an impending separation and a teenage son. Claire Peter (Jennifer Lopez), a gorgeous literature professor, caught in the middle of all this dirt storm, tries to fix the pieces of a broken home. And then she meets Noah Sandborn (Ryan Guzman), the boy next door. Garett Peterson (John Corbett), Claire’s husband wants another chance to save the marriage and focuses on being a better father to their son Kevin (Ian Nelson). However, amidst all chaos Claire ends up having a sexual encounter with Noah when Kevin and Garett are out of town.

What she regards as a drunken one-night stand becomes a raging obsession with Noah.

He starts blackmailing Claire and she finds herself on the verge of losing her husband, son and job. In a frantic attempt to destroy all evidence, she breaks into Noah’s home with the help of her best friend Vicky and uncovers his frightening past.

The film fails to impress. Jennifer Lopez is stunning. Ian Nelson plays the teenage boy going astray with finesse. Ryan Guzman is both charming and terrifying as the boy next door with a shady past. It’s a shame how such amazing actors have been wasted in a loosely scripted film. There is a very little motivation to keep you on your seat.
Why should you watch the film?
It is a decent film to watch with your partner over the weekend. Jennifer Lopez looks gorgeous in every frame but then again, do I need to tell you that? The story catches pace after the interval, so make way for more popcorn!

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