Most action films are fun. But you need a hook, a twist, some sort of plot which grabs you. Brick Mansions tries to give you that hook. However, in the end, it is a Hollywood remake. Starring Paul Walker, RZA, David Belle, the film attempts to be a fast-paced action feature. Like I said, attempts. Camille Delamarre directs and Luc Besson provides the screenplay. Of course, you might be thinking to yourself, “Luc, Good ol’ Luc, if he has written it, it could be good.” Uh, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the film is not as good as some of Luc’s classics. The movie just feels disconnected and you don’t enjoy the little nuances.

Based on a French film "District B13", Brick Mansions takes the whole story and shifts it to near-future Detroit. The projects have been walled-off and there exists a lawless town within Detroit. Crime is rampant and life is cheap. In the midst of this we have the honest cop played by Paul Walker and the diamond in the rough (an ex-con) played by David Belle. The both of them have to team up to take down a ruthless arms-dealer and kingpin who is played by RZA. The film starts off with a few somewhat muted Besson touches. On the plus side, the action is fast-paced and rather fun to watch. David Belle’s character excels at parkour and he is also one of the founders of this amazing sport. You get to see his amazing flair and genius at getting over and around obstacles. Now we have the traditional buddy movie. Two tough guys, one driven by revenge and the other by honor. Add some baddies, some weak plot and a evil master-mind. Voila.. there you have it. There will be times while the movie plays out, where you will genuinely sit back and wonder how did they even think about that. There are some nice touches and references to certain action movies. On the whole, the movie is let down by the script, as there is no witty repartee, no drama. The action is good. Not great but definitely worth a weekend watch. Try not to think about the details or the science or even the laws of gravity. Since the movie was the last one that Paul Walker completed, you might expect something special. You will be disappointed. Instead, try to suspend your disbelief.

Why you should watch this movie?

This is an action movie with loads of stunts, explosions, fights and parkour. You can even think of it as Paul Walker‘s final finished work. Don’t think too much, the movie is all about taking your brain and leaving it at home. At the end of the day, you will see fists flying and people falling. Not Luc Besson‘s finest work, but it is passable, considering the other options. So sit back, and enjoy a remake.
Then watch the original and see how it compares.

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