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Cold Pursuit: Film Review – Get Ready For Neeson and Chill

Verdict: A solid revenge thriller backed by a compelling story.

The king of revenge thrillers is back. Cold Pursuit, starring Liam Neeson, is the remake of the Norwegian film In Order of Disappearance (2016), directed by Hans Petter Moland who also helmed the original film. It follows a father on his quest of taking revenge for the death of his child, a character similar to the ones we have seen Neeson play multiple times before. This time around, he is out in the snowy regions of Colorado plotting ingenious ways to murder his enemies one by one.

What’s Cold Pursuit About:

Nels Coxman (Liam Neeson) leads a simple life as a snowplow driver. Things take a turn, however, when his son Kyle (Micheal Richardson) dies of a heroin overdose. The situation does not seem right to Nels and upon further investigation, it is revealed that Kyle was, in fact, murdered by the drug mafia. Nels vows to get his revenge but his actions further expose a rivalry between two drug lords, each with their own backstories. Nels has a long way to go before he realizes the truth behind his son’s murder but he won’t give up until he finds them all and kills them.

What Works:

Unlike most action thrillers that focus only on the “action”, Cold Pursuit has a deep and captivating storyline that keeps you hooked. Apart from Nels Coxman, the other primary characters are also given equal importance with sufficient plots that explain their personalities. There’s plenty of action too, for Liam Neeson fans who just want to see the actor doing what he does best. The actor is out for revenge once again in unfamiliar territories and if you have enjoyed watching him kill before, Cold Pursuit takes it up a notch with its chilling action scenes. The location of the film is also perfect, setting the right mood for its unique storyline.

Apart from the action, there’s also plenty of comedy – something you would not expect from a revenge thriller. The characters – especially the villains – are caricatures of sorts and have been given plenty of funny dialogues as opposed to Neeson’s serious persona. Of course, the movie is not overtly hilarious, but it provides just enough to break the cold tension prevalent throughout the film. The director does a fine job of bringing it all together and the result is a highly engaging film with a mix of chills and thrills.

What Could’ve Been Better:

We’d have liked to see the women in the film in richer roles, whether it is Laura Dern who plays Nels’ wife or Emmy Rossum as the police-woman. There are also some racial undertones that could have been avoided in the present climate, or at least edited out.

Why You Should Watch:

Cold Pursuit is quite similar to yet very unlike Liam Neeson’s previous revenge thrillers. It does not take the course you’d expect and leaves you with lots of surprises. There’s plenty of drama to keep you hooked, action to feed your need for thrills, and comedy for the soul. Watch it this weekend for a much-needed dose of entertainment.