Verdict: Crawl has more jump scares than most horror movies.

Monster movies are usually about man vs monsters, packed with action and gore. Crawl is the latest film to join this genre and is directed by Alexandre Aja, the man who made The Hills Have Eyes (2006) and Piranha 3D (2010). Thrillers are his specialty and his movies are not made for the feeble-hearted. After killer piranhas, the director’s latest film gives us killer alligators. Crawl is packed with more scares than regular horror movies and has you s**tting your pants for the most part.

What’s Crawl About:

After the warning of a Category 5 Hurricane is announced in the South Coast, Haley (Kaya Scodelario) gets a call from her sister worried about their father Dave (Barry Pepper). While the whole city is being evacuated, Haley finds a way back to her father’s home as heavy rain continues to pour. Initially, she is unable to find him and goes into the crawl space below the house where he lies, gravely wounded. As she tries to drag his unconscious body back to safety, her path is suddenly blocked by a gigantic alligator. Since the enormous creature is unable to navigate through the pipes in the crawl space, Haley finds a temporary spot where she and her father can hide safely. But the hurricane’s getting worse and water is starting to fill up. Haley and Dave are now locked in a tense battle as more killer alligators begin to appear.

What Works:

For a monster action movie, Crawl is packed with jump scares. Alligators pop out without warning throughout the film and you’re likely to find yourself covered with claw marks by the end. The scriptwriters have done an amazing job here keeping the audience engaged with various deadly scenes and escape attempts. The CGI alligators are scary to look at and invoke more terror with their relentless pursuit of human blood. Kaya Scodelario shines as the main lead and has pulled off many stunts with grace, despite the dangerous situations. Barry Pepper complements her well in the supporting role.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Though Crawl tries to be “Jaws with alligators”, it has its own charm. Most of the scenes are too convenient to the plotline – like Haley’s exceptional swimming skills that aid in her escape in many situations – and require you to suspend your disbelief while watching. Other than that, the movie is a perfect monster treat!

Why You Should Watch:

Love monster movies? Crawl should definitely be on your list. At 1 hour and 28 minutes, it’s perfect for an action thriller of its kind and keeps you hooked till the end.