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The Dark Tower: Film Review – Dark and Dangerous

Verdict: Idris does it right, but all eyes are on McConaughey.

The arrival of the Apocalypse is a subject often broached upon in Hollywood movies. Some filmmakers show it as the coming of aliens, others portray it as a natural calamity, while a few even show it as a human-induced disaster. But in every movie, there is always that one guy (it’s always a guy) who manages to save the world in the nick of time. The Dark Tower, Hollywood’s latest release, is not very different from these apocalyptic movies but uses a fantastic concept to show the same. Based on Stephen King’s novel series of the same name, you can guess what makes this story exceptional. With actors like Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey playing the protagonist and ‘bad man’, this movie is a full package of filmy entertainment.

The Dark Tower is at the center of the Universe and protects our world from chaos and death. If it falls, hell will be unleashed. An evil sorcerer, called The Man in Black (Matthew McConaughey) is the main perpetrator of this apocalypse. He wishes to destroy the Earth and rule over it with his monstrous minions doing his bidding. There’s no one to stop him, as the men who protected the Tower – called Gunslingers – are all dead, except one. Roland (Idris Elba) wants revenge for his father’s death and is tracking down The Man in Black. He gets unexpected help from a young boy, Jake Chambers (Tom Taylor), who has the power to save the world but also destroy it forever.

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Matthew McConaughey is often known for playing the cheeky character – whether it's a protagonist or a villain. He brings the same cockiness into this role and is still convincing as an evil warlock, who can control every element around him, including people’s minds. Compared to him, Idris Elba seems to look out of place and doesn’t manage to grab the attention, even with his Rajini-like action sequences. Taylor delivers a decent performance for a kid his age, but what disappoints us the most is the casting of Katheryn Winnick as Jake’s mom. She hardly has any part to play in the movie, which is quite a waste of talent, especially for a fantasy action flick. We have seen her as the fierce warrior on The Vikings, and we are quite sure a character like Lagertha would have won the war at the start of the movie.

Meanwhile, the story, albeit a little complicated, is explained in detail throughout the movie, and you seem to understand what is happening in the two worlds. The characters could have been sketched better, as their intentions could not come through. The music and visual effects work brilliantly with the narrative and are not too over-the-top like in most action movies. Other than one scene, the effects were fairly controlled, to create a more believable story. The movie does not seem to serve a purpose but can be an entertaining watch for fans of Stephen King novels.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

If you have read the novel series, there is no reason for you to not leave your ivory towers and catch the movie in theatres. If you haven’t read the books or are not acquainted with King’s works, you must definitely watch this movie to see the adaptations of one of the most brilliant writers on screen. It’ll serve as an appetizer for the upcoming horror flick 'It', again by Stephen King.