Verdict: The ideal time to book tickets for Deadpool 2 is yesterday.

From the you-must-be-wondering-how-I-got-here beginning and the cheeky credits that followed, right until the mid-credit scene, Deadpool 2 is designed to entertain and amuse you with its visuals, its soundtrack, the major tongue-in-cheek writing and the minor displays of emotions. Oh and everything in between is kickass too. Directed by David Leitch, this action-comedy-superhero film is, well, self-aware.

What’s Deadpool 2 About:

So Wade Wilson aka Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) loses no time in letting us know that he is going to die in this one (calm down, this is not a spoiler). This after paying appropriate homage to the late Logan, of course. Wilson has leveraged his fame from his previous film and is now playing with the big boys. On their anniversary, Wilson and his unbelievably hot partner Ness (Morena Baccarin) talk about starting a family. “Kids make us want to be better than we used to be.”, she says. Enter Cable (Josh Brolin) who has made up his mind to kill a weird 14-year-old mutant kid, Russell (Julian Dennison), who calls himself Firefist – no explanation required. A few attempts at self-pity and one epiphanic episode later, DP assembles a gender-neutral X-Force and they set out to save the plus-sized mutant boy from Cable, the time-traveling soldier who wants to kill Russell.

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What works:
The original essence of Deadpool is intact in the sequel, only more daring and more entertaining. Reynolds as Deadpool satisfies your hunger for the signature sassy humor from the smartass, potty-mouth avocado-resembling mercenary. Watch out for a few smartly placed cameos that are literally blink-and-miss, and mind you, we know what “literally” means. There are a few Deadpool-type sweet moments which add a nice flavor to the mix, like when DP grabs Colossus’ buttocks when they hug. The soundtrack is just so much fun and has been placed perfectly, just how we like it. Oh yes, and of course, DP throws Avengers some major shade, as expected. All the supporting cast members are cool in their own way. Josh Brolin does Cable well and it was nice to see Dopinder (Karan Soni) more involved in the team’s activities. The mid-credit scene will probably plaster a grin on your face and it is worth waiting for.

What could’ve been better:
The story seems a little tedious at times but the writers keep it tight with the dialogues and the film never drops. A couple of hand-to-hand combat scenes were mediocre. Also, people, remember – Cable is not Thanos, although Brolin is both.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Here’s a movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously, aims at entertaining you, and succeeds. The dialogues are witty, the soundtrack is perfect for the narrative, the editing is crisp and the movie doesn’t allow you to check your phone – no, not even for checking the time. It makes for an excellent weekend watch with your family because it’s a family movie; yes it is. In fact, we are sure that Deadpool 2 requires at least two watches – once before you watch the “Easter Egg” videos and once after.

If watching Deadpool 2 before it even releases is something that interests you (and of course it does), you must book for the special screening right away for a great film and unhealthy amount of bragging rights.