Delivery Man: Film Review

The Delivery Man is a slow and slightly dull movie. Directed by Ken Scott and starring Vince Vaughn (of Wedding Crashers and Swingers fame) with Cobie Smulders (Avengers and the upcoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier). The movie opens with a few scenes of a man whose life is going nowhere. He lives a dull and boring life with a dead-end job. His family finds him incompetent at his job. His girlfriend thinks that he is just a dead-beat. The only thing going for him is that he doesn’t have any kids. But he soon gets the shock of his life. He is revealed to be the biological father of 533 children through artificial insemination and 142 of them have filed a lawsuit for his identity. The movie is a remake of Starbuck (2011), a Canadian film.


Vince Vaughn gives a very toned-down performance. However, the character’s growth is not shown well. The whole concept is that a child makes a father of a man. You are left feeling that he could have attached more emotion to the performance. In the entire movie, there are very few scenes without him. However, this hasn’t worked to his benefit. Vince Vaughn’s character, David is just going through the motions. Cobie Smulders is just there for a few moments. Her character, Emma is mainly required to enable the audience to see the supposed growth of David. Chris Pratt does an adequate job of being David’s friend Brett. The funniest lines are actually spoken by Brett. The various children portrayed in the film are token performances. Due to the fact that it’s about 142 of them, we just get to see the stories of 6 of them. The relation between Vince’s David and his father in the film could have been explored even further. There isn’t any part of the movie that shows the audience the reasons for David’s seemingly bad choices. The audience is just left feeling that the movie had a lot of promise but falls just short of it.

On the whole, this is a one-time watch movie. Humour is present in bits. You just get a chuckle or two, in fact. There are a few touching moments. But nothing that reaches in. The emotion doesn’t leave the screen. A movie where token parts are performed, not lived. Delivery Man is a movie where you are left wanting more at the end of it.

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