This is a movie about a world living under the threat of invasion by an alien race of insectoids and the children who are chosen to save it. The movie is based on the book "Ender’s Game" by Orson Scott Card. The lead is played by Asa Butterfield (who debuted in Martin Scorsese’s, Hugo). The rest of the cast consists of Harrison Ford (coming back to space, right where he belongs, geeks rejoice), Viola Davis, Oscar-nominated Hailee Steinfield, and Oscar-winner Ben Kingsley.

Let’s get into it, shall we? The movie is a visual treat. The effects and the sets were amazing to see. We get to see an Earth of the future. This is a world where countries have come together to fight a common enemy – the ‘Formics’. In this version of Earth, the best and the brightest children are chosen to be battle commanders. Of the best and brightest, we have Ender Wiggin. He is the ‘chosen one’. If you are wondering what that means, then let me tell you. Ender’s intelligence and tactical mind is beyond compare. And he has to save the world.

The movie tries to do as much justice as it can to the book. It is visually beautiful. You get to see a very dystopian future. A world where manipulation of young minds is the norm. Basically, it is a notion that for the greater good , sacrifices have to be made. This is in the form of innocence lost. The characters are played well, you get to see a change within them as the movie progresses. The stakes for survival are made very clear at the start. The zero-gravity combat sessions are eye-catching, but if you have a weak stomach, try not to blow chunks. The audience will get to see massive battle formations and a very cool visual interface. The chemistry between the actors makes the movie enjoyable and engaging.

Now for the bad news, since the movie has tried to stay true to the book as much as possible, there are certain parts of the movie which will leave you scratching your head. The ‘chosen one’ concept has been done in other films. You get a feeling that this movie is trying too hard not to conform to those norms. There are plot-holes which are hurriedly fixed. At the end of it, the movie is worth a watch. But try not to expect a masterpiece of cinema.

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