Verdict: The high-octane thrills make this psychological thriller worth a watch.

There are many kinds of horror films. Some rely on supernatural scares while others intensify the “gore” factor. Then, there are psychological thrillers that play with your mind, making the plot seem highly confusing for the most part. Survival horror movies are also common. Here the main plot revolves around a group of people trapped in a room with little means to escape. The last man standing is the winner. Adam Robitel’s Escape Room is one such film in this genre, which combines elements of survival mystery and psychological thriller to create a horror film suitable for all movie fans.

What’s Escape Room About:

The film starts with three characters (Logan Miller, Taylor Russell, Jay Ellis), each of whom is sent a mysterious box that invites them to play a real-life escape game. At the designated meeting place, they meet three other players (Deborah Ann WollTyler Labine, Nik Dodani) and before they realize that the game has begun, they find themselves trapped in a series of six rooms only with the most confusing clues that will help them escape. It might seem fun at first, but deadly traps are set in the rooms for the six players. Additionally, we come to realize that each room is designed on the players’ worst fears and traumas, making it even more difficult for them to get out. It takes strong will and a steady mind to finish the game, thus eliminating many players along the way. There is little redemption in the end but the story is set to continue in a sequel, giving us yet another survival movie franchise to watch out for.

What Works:

Unlike most survival movies that amp up the “gore”, Escape Room has a very PG-13 approach to horror, although it is rated ‘A’. However, the lack of blood does not take away from the suspense of the film. Instead, this horror movie tries to engage us with an in-depth look into each character and their worst fears. The actors here don’t just exist as props as they do in most horror films, but each character is relatable and you find yourself rooting for them, even as they are eliminated one by one. That’s what makes the emotional connection to this movie even stronger and director Adam Robitel ensures he controls your feelings towards the movie with every scene.

The cast also does a decent job as far as the horror movie genre goes. No one actor captures your attention but rather all six of the trapped characters act as a sole unit that keeps the momentum of the film going. The most striking feature of the film is the effect every room has on you. From claustrophobia to acrophobia, this movie tugs at the many fears that lie within a person, making you very uncomfortable but still have you wanting more.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Escape Room uses many horror movie tropes that can make it predictable at places. Having said that, the ending completely shocks you even though it can be a little underwhelming when compared to the suspense that is built up throughout the film.

Why You Should Watch:

If you do not have the stomach for gore but still enjoy horror films, this one might be suitable for you. Even regular horror movie fans can get their dose of psychological thrills with Escape Room, while looking forward to a new movie franchise in this genre.