Making a biblical movie can be tricky. After DeMille’s cinematic marvel – The Ten Commandments – Ridley Scott delivers an impressive saga by revisiting the famous tale of Moses. Based on biblical history, Exodus: Gods and Kings is a brave and remarkable epic about Moses’ courage to take on an empire and rise up against Ramses, the Egyptian Pharaoh who is also his best friend.
The filmmakers have done a spectacular job as far as the visuals and cinematography are concerned. Although the first half is slow, the ancient Egyptian backdrop is promising and immerses you into the archaic setting. Christian Bale plays the role of Moses to perfection. However, the roles played by the supporting cast lack depth.
When Moses learns the truth about his origins, he seeks comfort in his new home and new family, instead of playing the part of a savior. But fate inevitably beckons him in the form of an apparition of God. He is told that he is the chosen one and must free his people from the slavery they have been enduring for the last 400 years. Scott has brilliantly portrayed God as a small child, who is ferocious in his disposition. 11-year-old Isaac Andrews joins the league of Morgan Freeman and other actors who have played the role of God. The gravitas displayed by Isaac is riveting. Each time he appears on screen, you forget he’s just a child.
The second half has the Plagues of Egypt (also known as the biblical plagues), which are depicted through a series of scenes that will really make you cringe. If you’re squeamish, you might want to scoop out your eyeballs. Expect an inordinate amount of blood, frogs, flies, dead fish, crocodiles, maggots and other flying insects all over the screen. And by inordinate I mean exorbitant and unmeasurable. The 3D immersion will augment your wincing.
Why you should watch this film?
Exodus: Gods and Kings is a pure visual delight. If you’re zealous about adventure, the Bible, Christian Bale, ghastly plagues, or anything Egyptian,  you don’t have to think twice before you go for it.

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