He says he is not a beautiful man. It is his sex appeal that makes him charming enough to have three beautiful women, as we know them, resist him, yet not be able to do so. He loves them tenderly, makes them feel beautiful inside and creates magic – for those who are lonely. John Turturro, the lead actor, writer and director, is Fioravante, a florist by profession, but on the side does a neat job by being the modern day Don Juan, just that he isn’t really a professional at that. Convinced into using his unconventional good looks to help his friend Murray (Woody Allen) to make some extra money, Turturro’s Fioravante is truly irresistible.

However, the man who deserves the most accolades is Woody Allen, who brings such an awesome feel to the movie on the whole. He makes you laugh with his wisecracks, and plays a person we may not have known before. The film compels another side of Woody Allen to come out. And all in all, it is a treat to watch. With music in the background and shots that could make time stop, the film seems like a rather whimsical affair. Yet, this is something you will want to take a huge bite of and savor the taste, for a long time.

The film also stars Sharon Stone, as beautiful as we’ve always known her to be; Sofia Vergara, always sexy; and Vanessa Paradis, the demure lady who seems to have lost herself in the endeavor to follow rules and traditions. Fioravante takes them onto a level that much higher than present-day.

While some may argue that the film is quite ludicrous, perhaps outrageous, it may be imperative to note that the film has a deep meaning within. It delves into human emotions, and brings out the best you could imagine. One of those films that make you feel sappy. Truly. Madly. Deeply.

Why should you watch this film? 

Watch it for the brilliance with which John Turturro has put together the entire script alongwith playing his part well. And most definitely watch Woody Allen marvel at being the best that he can be. The music flows smoothly as the story goes on. And there you are, with a feeling so light for your head that you are sure to have got your fix. Something that you may have been looking for.приватбанк кредитная карточка условиякредитка тинькофф банк