Let’s Make the Screen Go Boom!

Review: The cars have evolved into mean and lean kill machines, the weapons get bigger (they got a tank!), the ladies get gutsier & the action – more explosive than ever. Fast & Furious 6 opens with a jaw dropping scenic race through the beautiful Canary Islands. It ends with a surprisingly explosive medley of the past and the future, a sneak peek into the next film. What happens in between is a fast and furious ride that is a heady mix of bromance, family bonding, surprisingly edgy romance and most of all – fast cars.

While Dom (Vin Diesel) chills on an island with his million dollars from last film’s heist and the gorgeous Brazilian cop Elena (Elsa Pataky), Hobbs (Johnson) pays him a visit. His former girlfriend Letty (Rodriguez) believed to be dead, has resurfaced as part of an international criminal crew of mercenary racers led by notorious ex-military mastermind Shaw (Luke Evans). Dom and Hobbs strike a deal, complete pardons for Dom’s crew in exchange for bringing down Shaw.

The story line remains wafer thin just like the previous films but director Justin Lin makes up for that, surprisingly well, with romance (instead of the previously popular bromance). The romance is raw and edgy, which will be much to the liking of fans of the series. In keeping with the move away from technicality about fast cars and towards more traditional action, Fast & Furious 6 delivers some jaw dropping action set pieces. Some that involves a tank in a military convoy and a giant cargo plane.

Those who have followed the series will enjoy the comfort and camaraderie that the ensemble cast share. But for first timers, even though the relationships from the previous films are not explained, the humor makes up for it. Apart from fast cars & action, the hand to hand combat moves away from the beefy bald men to the tough ladies. The emphasis on family, loyalty and friendship are endearing and familiar for fans of the series and double up as good leverage to alienate the scheming bad guys with no scruples against the good guys.

Fast 5 may have had better shock and awe moments, but that is bound to change and evolve as the series moves on. All in all, a good watch for action lovers in general.

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