Most sports films gloss over the truth. But sometimes, you get to see a story unfold behind the scenes. In Foxcatcher, you are taken back in time. It tells the story of relationships and the lengths that people go to win. Starring Steve Carell, Mark Ruffalo, Channing Tatum and Sienna Miller, Foxcatcher boasts a varied cast. Director Bennett Miller has made a film that documents the dark side of human nature. 

Foxcatcher tells the story of Mark Schultz (Channing Tatum) and his relationship with John du Pont (Steve Carell). You are immediately drawn into the story, and while the pace of the film might be slow, the evolution of the relationships keep your attention. Mark and Dave Schultz (Mark Ruffalo) are Olympic gold medalists in wrestling. Mark Schulz soon finds a patron in John Du Pont, a billionaire whose motives are hard to understand. Thus begins the story. Mark feels that he is living in the shadow of his elder brother, Dave. And through his friendship with du Pont, Mark seeks glory. But at what cost? 

Bennett Miller has made a film that keeps us captivated. He slowly reveals the dark facets of the characters involved. Channing Tatum is good as Mark Schultz, he moves like wrestler. In fact, so does Mark Ruffalo. The menace and the will to win is clearly visible in Tatum’s eyes. But the scene-stealer is Steve Carell. He is sublime as John du Pont. His portrayal is chilling and yet, it isn’t forced. It almost feels like Carell is du Pont. Such is his intensity. Mark Ruffalo is wonderful as the supportive brother. Sienna Miller plays her role well, but the movie is focused on these three amazing actors. They drive the story forward. The movie makes brilliant use of colors and framing. And it all comes together brilliantly. 
Why should you watch this movie? 
Foxcatcher is one of those films that need to be seen. You get to see powerhouse acting from Steve Carell. In fact, he has been nominated multiple times for his performance. The dynamics between Tatum, Ruffalo and Carell also keep you captivated. Foxcatcher isn’t just a sports film, it’s a showcase of relationships and human nature.

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