Verdict: A heartwarming return that stays true to the spirit of the original.

Disney’s Frozen stepped the furthest away from conventional fairy tales than ever and made two princesses into feminist icons. Elsa and Anna’s most treasured relationship wasn’t a romantic one but the sisterly bond they shared. All this along with catchy songs, memorable characters, and a lovable snowman, it had all the makings of a blockbuster and went on to break box office records. Frozen 2 has been a long wait for the fans and now the next chapter in Elsa and Anna’s story has finally been unveiled.

What’s Frozen 2 About:

A celebrated queen of Arendelle, Elsa (Idina Menzel), begins to hear a voice calling out to her from an enchanted forest that had long been unpassable because of a mist that never lifts. When Arendelle is put in danger and she has to go in search of the voice to save the kingdom, her sister, Anna (Kristen Bell) insists on coming along. Olaf (Josh Gad), Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) and his reindeer, Sven, come along for the journey. Together, they set out to discover the truth of the past and find the origin of Elsa’s powers.

What Works:

Coming more than half a decade after the first film, Frozen 2 is all about growing up. This comes with a maturity both in terms of character growth and the themes that are tackled in the film. Directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck recapture the magic of the first film while giving Frozen 2 its own ground to stand on.

Elsa’s life is picture-perfect, but she feels restless. Anna is concerned about her sister, but she doesn’t want to hold her back from discovering who she is. Kristoff feels ready to propose to Anna but struggles to find the right time. Olaf is having issues dealing with change as life-threatening situations keep coming their way, but he still manages to get the laughs.

The snowy landscape of the first film is left behind in favor of a forest that seems to be caught in an eternal autumn. The enchanted forest also holds many new characters – the Northuldra tribe, the soldiers from Arendelle who have been trapped, and magical spirits. Elsa’s powers are as magnificent to see as ever, and the most breathtaking moments in the film are the ones where she uses them.

The songs from the first film were a phenomenon by themselves and Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez have returned to give a new set of tunes for Frozen 2. Every character gets a song this time around, although it’s Elsa’s Into The Unknown that you’re likely to be hearing on repeat.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Although Arendelle is in danger, the stakes don’t feel too high. But the plot does tie everything together, including a perfect ending that will leave the viewers satisfied.

Why You Should Watch:

Frozen fans don’t need any reason to watch this sequel. But even if you haven’t watched the first film, Frozen 2 is a movie worth watching in theatres for the spectacular visuals and the songs alone.

P.S. Stay back for an end-credits scene which features a throwback to the first film.

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