Fury: Film Review – A hard-hitting drama recommended for one and all

A perfect depiction of what a war story should look like, Fury is an intense, raw and hard-hitting drama set in the spring of 1945. The movie opens to an old-fashion backdrop, dingy grounds, piles of dead soldiers and frustrated militants. The first half of the presentation is slow and entirely utilised to set the premise and define the characters, who are indeed indifferent and edgy. However, the second half sharpens the story with compelling visuals, stellar scenes of the battlefield and boisterously loud gunshots. 

The movie is centred on the events that transpired after the American-German conflict, where the American troops were outnumbered, outgunned and struggling to overthrow the brutal avalanche of the Nazis. Led by their sergeant, Don ‘Wardaddy’ Collier (Brad Pitt), a group of soldiers (
Shia LabeoufMicheal PenaJon Bernthal) endeavour on deadly missions in their home-like military tank, named Fury. However, when a young and virtuous clerk, Norman (Logan Lerman) joins the team; it becomes Collier’s responsibility to expose him to the harsh realities of being a soldier.
Moreover, with reverberating cannon blasts and tear-jerking moments, director David Ayer successfully instates the atmosphere of a battlefield in this war-based emotional drama. The elite cast featuring Brad Pitt as the ruthless, yet concerned Don ‘Wardaddy’ Collier delivers another remarkable performance. The chemistry he shares on-screen with his fellow team mates, played by Shia Labeouf, Micheal PenaJon Bernthal and Logan Lerman, is also one of the significant highlights of the movie.
However, the film does start on a slow note in the first half and come across as bland. Additionally, the gunshots and the intensity of the film might be less than ideal for someone who isn’t a fan of the genre. 
Why you should watch this film?
It truly is a cinematic moment worth experiencing when a group of soldiers who are just a bullet away from death chant "Best job ever!". Fury is undoubtedly a hardcore, serious film that will stun you with its power-packed presentation. With stupendous performances by A-list actors, this movie is definitely recommended for one and all. 

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