The most-imperative element in a film where a certain monster is the protagonist or the antagonist, there is a lot of thrill and excitement that transpires while the film’s release date is awaited. Gareth Edwards takes the viewer on a journey that will awaken the human sense of responsibility towards any scientific mishaps as well as reinstil the fact that even though one might not believe it, there is a force that resides deep in the ocean bed and will only rise to restore balance of nature. That force, would be none other than the formidable yet most-revered monster, Godzilla. He is not one you should take lightly, for if he decides to make things alright, there is little you as a human being can do to alter his decision. Godzilla emerges as the unsung hero. That is a great idea, but slightly hurtful too. Simply because, after so much of a build up, one will expect more screen-time awarded to the big guy.

On the other hand, there is Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad). Once again, with so much happening in the film, the contribution from a gifted actor such as him should have been more than was given. Nonetheless, the film is an enjoyable watch. A human experiment gone wrong when trying to genetically engineer some creatures, called MUTOS, which goes horribly wrong. But reckless experimenting has to be curbed, and only the formidable monster, Godzilla can do so. He is the creature created by Mother Nature, sent by Mother Nature to restore all the balance that has previously been disrupted due to the overriding emotions that most humans possess, one where empathy does not exist. The introductory scene tells you who you are really messing with, and that is awe-inspiring. Gradually, it is an understood factor that you have to work in tandem with the force to be able to live peacefully… ever after.

Why should you watch this film?

A film that is about Godzilla needs no more reasons. Watch it for the reboot and the changes that have been brought in the film, and the resized monster.

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