Review: The concluding film of the Hangover trilogy is definitely more entertaining than the second film but nothing beats the shock value of the original. Now that the characters are already defined and developed, the series ends with a film that is still funny in parts, surprisingly emotional in places but a crazy ride nonetheless. If you haven’t seen the first 2, a quick read up would help although not necessary.


Part 3 is a consequence of the freak happenings from 1 and 2. What begins with the simple act of driving Alan to a facility (ahem) that will ‘help’ him get ‘well’ ends in absolute mayhem that is fueled by (guess who?) Mr. Chow. Gross references to everything unholy, dialogues that are now so typical to the characters and all of it, will make you giggle at best. Nothing incredibly funny. However, there is a certain familiarity that is involved in watching the wolf-pack make complete fools of themselves.

All in all, it will be really funny for folks who love these crazy characters, otherwise just plain amusing. Watch it if you really want to know what happens to the wolf-pack in the end.

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