Verdict: Horror’s latest buildup is a chip off the old block.

Horror, as a genre, has been gaining a lot more popularity in the recent times. With Get Out and A Quiet Place, this genre is churning out content that is on par with the other Oscar-worthy movies. Now the film everyone is talking about is Ari Aster’s Hereditary. If you have previously watched horror films like The VisitThe Witch, or Rosemary’s Baby, you have an idea about the terror that is to be unleashed in this mystery drama.

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What’s Hereditary About:

Evil runs in the Graham family. When Ellen passes away, her daughter Annie (Toni Collette) is left disturbed, even though the two did not share a great relationship. Furthermore, Annie’s daughter, Charlie (Milly Shapiro) starts acting strangely. In a freak accident, Charlie loses her life too and Annie cannot help but blame her son Peter (Alex Wolff), who was driving the car during the accident. Peter begins to have hallucinations of his own, which get worse after Annie performs a séance in the house, not only bringing but the spirit of her daughter, but also her Satanist mother.

What Works:

The Hereditary trailer has successfully excited many fans. The film also tries to intensify the terror using several horror movie tropes such as séances, ghost apparitions, devil worship, cults, and resurrections. But the plot does not heavily rely on these devices, rather on the experiences of each character as they try and come to terms with the paranormal activities happening around them. Toni Collette’s torment is visible as her behavior oscillates between grief and panic constantly throughout the movie. Alex Wolff impresses even with his dead-pan look, which is expressive of the numb shock he faces after his sister’s death. Milly Shapiro has a small part to play but her disturbed persona comes through. The real surprise here was Ann Dowd, who provides a breather in her initial scenes, bringing in a sense of energy to the otherwise dreary characters.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The movie does not leave you feeling well, like a horror movie should, but this one takes you on a roller-coaster ride of unpleasant emotions. Even the slow pace of the movie and the eerie sound effects are used to make you the most uncomfortable throughout the film.

Why You Should Watch:

Hereditary provides a new kind of horror while being deeply rooted in the genre movies of the past. Hardcore horror fans must not miss this one because only you will enjoy the experience of unease and distress that the film delivers. Lastly, watch it for Toni Collette’s performance – she does not disappoint.