Hurricane Heist: Film Review – It’s All About The Money

Verdict: This heist film is high on action.

Hollywood is all about action this week, with the releases of Tomb Raider and Hurricane Heist. While the former is an action-adventure film based on a video game, Hurricane Heist is an action-crime-disaster movie all rolled into one. Directed by Rob Cohen (director of The Fast and the Furious), the film has a cast of popular actors you might have seen on TV. There’s Maggie Grace from Lost, Ryan Kwanten from True Blood, and Ralph Ineson from Game of Thrones and the Harry Potter movies. Are these actors likely to pull crowds to theatres? Probably not, but that’s not why you need to watch this movie.

What’s Hurricane Heist About:

A team of hackers is attempting to pull off a robbery of $600 million from a Federal mint facility in Gulfport, Alabama. The plan is full proof. With a man on the inside of the facility and possibly the best hackers on the team, there’s practically nothing stopping them. Except, a Category 5 hurricane, which is engulfing the town. Meanwhile, Treasury agent Casey Corbyn (Maggie Grace) is on the loose and she is the only one to have the password that opens the vault. The team attempts to capture her, but with the help of meteorologist Will Rutledge (Toby Kebbell), she thwarts most of their plans. Will’s brother, Breeze (Ryan Kwanten) is also helping the duo, but the impending disaster might just shift everyone’s priorities.

What Works:

Action seekers will not be disappointed with this one. There are plenty of punches thrown, chase sequences, and gun fights, and this is all happening in the middle of a hurricane. There are very few dull moments, only towards the end, otherwise, the movie manages to keep us on the edge for most of it. Maggie Grace has donned a new avatar as a fighter, and it sure does suit her. She is the star of this film, even though Ralph Ineson delivers the best performance amongst all. Veteran actor Ben Cross also makes a brief appearance and steals the show in all of his scenes. The hurricane scenes have been shot well, having the desired effect. This movie would have made a bigger impact in 3D, but for now, even a 2D screen manages to capture the disastrous effects of Hurricane Tammy.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Sound has not been used to its maximum potential in this disaster movie. It would certainly add to the effect, but the makers have rather focused on the CGI. The film is also limited in credibility while it is high on action. But, movie lovers know better than to expect a solid story in an action movie, and this is the American disaster movie we have all been craving since Geostorm.

Why You Should Watch:

Hurricane Heist gives you three genres all in one film. So, go watch if want some action this weekend, or if you want to see a disaster waiting to happen on screen. Crime lovers also get their money’s worth. It is not likely to stay in theatres long, so you better get booking.