Verdict: J.Lo dazzles in this pseudo-heist film that’s all about sisterhood.

The first thought that comes to mind when you hear “a movie about strippers” is lots of naked girls, dancing, and basically a fantasy-come-true for the straight male gaze. But Hustlers is barely any of that and a lot more about what its title stands for – the hustle. Starring a bunch of really famous people, this comedy crime drama is based on an article written in the New York magazine inspired by a true story about a group of strippers-turned-robbers. The film released two weeks ago internationally and has fared well in the global market before finally making its way into India. It’s hard to predict whether India is ready for a movie that shows us the other side of glamour but for the fans of the leading ladies, Hustlers is a treat both visual and cinematic.

What’s Hustlers About:

The story of Hustlers unravels as Dorothy aka Destiny (Constance Wu) tells a journalist (Julia Stiles) about her days as a strip club member and her friendship with Ramona (Jennifer Lopez). Destiny was a newbie at a strip club in New York when Ramona, another dancer at the club, took her under her wing. Ramona taught her everything – from dancing to seducing their Wall Street clients to the ways of getting the best tips. But when the stock market crashes, the strip club loses its prime customers and the ladies have to figure out another way to make money that suits their wealthy lifestyle. Ramona comes up with a plan that involves meeting potential targets at a bar, drugging them, taking them back to the strip club, and maxing out their credit cards. The hustle proves successful and the ladies make lots of money until they are finally caught.

What Works:

First things first, Hustlers is not a stripper movie. The ladies are not referred to as “strippers” throughout the film. Their time as exotic dancers is limited to the first few minutes before they start making lots of money without having to dance at all. Hustlers is more about the bond the ladies share, their lives beyond the club, and the struggle to make money when you aren’t born rich. There is a story to follow, which keeps you engaged with brilliant performances and peppy music. Even though there aren’t any songs by Jennifer LopezCardi B, or Lizzo – who make appearances in the film in varying degrees – there are a few popular tracks you might recognize.

The film entirely belongs to J.Lo and Constance Wu, whose friendship will fill your heart with warmth and love. Keke Palmer and Lili Reinhart also give splendid performances but J.Lo is one to steal the limelight in every scene. She is a natural in her role as the ringleader of the sisterhood, constantly looking out for the girls and teaching them all they need to know to survive. There’s no need to mention how stunning she looks but it is noteworthy how at the age of 50, she manages to barely look even 30. Her dance performance alone makes your heart skip a beat and deserves a standing ovation.

What Could’ve Been Better:

We have no complaints from Hustlers other than the fact that we would’ve loved to see more of Cardi B, Lizzo, and Wai Ching Ho, who plays Destiny’s grandmother. The latter’s acquaintance with Jennifer Lopez is one of the high points of the film.

Why You Should Watch:

If you’re looking for an ideal watch with your gal pals, this is the perfect movie for a fun experience. Even otherwise, nothing should stop you from witnessing the ageless wonder that is J.Lo and her beauty. Hustlers is a fun movie to watch in theaters, especially when you’re looking forward to a moment to unwind with your closest pals.