Verdict: The right kind of collision! 

In a year that's given us one too many lackluster sequels, Ice Age's fifth installment has charted the correct course and managed to create just the right kind of collision. Ice Age: Collision Course has the right balance of bang and boom.  
When Scrat's desperate pursuit of the acorn leads him to the extra-terrestrial and threatens to change the course of Earth's destiny, it is upon Manny (Ray Romano) and his herd to save the world from extinction. Joining the woolly mammoth on this quest are the usual suspects – Sid (John Leguizamo), Diego (Denis Leary), Ellie (Queen Latifah), and a few new herd recruits. But the main man is the wise Buck (Simon Pegg) who makes a comeback after being missed in the fourth installment of the series. Buck gives you the laughable bits neatly making his witty points. 
The quest isn't the only thing that the film is offering you. Along the way you'll enjoy Manny's manic equation with his daughter Paches' (Keke Palmer) fiance Julian (Adam DeVine), deadly dino-birds ready to pounce on the herd, Granny's (Wanda Sykes) loony way, the dangers associated with the impending meteor shower, the discovery of Geotopia and the secret behind the power of the place, and so much more! 
Although the film handles the humor well, you begin to wonder if the franchise has done this all before. The storyline follows the same format, but still manages to glide. A couple of cliches make their way into the script, but they are easy to ignore. 
All in all, Ice Age: Collision Course is a great ride. One that you'll enjoy right from the start till the end. 
Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Watch Ice Age: Collision Course because it is the best thing you'll see this week. The story is gripping and your favorite characters are back with some new friends. And take it from us, you are bound to love the new members of the Ice Age herd!