Take a bow, Benedict. Take a bow!

It’s challenging to review a movie that has been nominated under 8 categories at the prestigious Oscars, and already bagged several awards across the world. But hey, who doesn’t enjoy a challenge? The Imitation Game is a movie that is enthralling the globe. Based on Alan Turing’s tormented life and set during the darkest days of World War II, the film is exceptional and there’s never a dull moment. 

Alan Turing (Benedict Cumberbatch) is a mathematician who knows he can decipher the impossible German Enigma code. Like most geniuses, Turing is plagued by solitude and social awkwardness. Benedict effortlessly slips into Turing’s character, making it hard for us to believe that he is the same actor who plays the astute Sherlock Holmes in the BBC series. In this film, his body language is a complete contrast to his earlier roles. Couple that with a stammer and you are watching Turing himself.

In the first half, Benedict makes you chuckle on several occasions. His banter with Commander Denniston (Charles Dance aka Tywin Lannister in Game of Thrones) is full of wit and wisecrack. Director Morten Tyldum has brilliantly woven Turing’s school life into the plot, taking us back and forth in time. This is so neatly done, that not once does it cause any confusion in the mind of the audience.

Joan Clarke’s (Keira Knightley) first encounter with Turing is an unforgettable spectacle. Clarke is a prodigy herself, and ends up as the only female member on the Enigma code-breaking team. While the rest of the team is employing their own conventional methods of cracking the code, Turing is busy devising a machine that will save them time. Each day is a race against time for the team, as the codes are changed at midnight everyday.

Safe to say, Benedict Cumberbatch is an actor who simply cannot give a bad performance. In this biopic, he will make you laugh (a lot) and move you to tears. Keira Knightly is alluring as the bright English girl belonging to a conservative family. The rest of the cast is nothing short of brilliant.

This is the story of an unsung hero – from a part of World War II that is missing from our history textbooks. Towards the end, Turing poses a question to the British police detective – ‘Am I a machine, am I a war hero or am I a criminal?’  The answer itself is an enigma.

Why you should watch this movie?
Benedict Cumberbatch is all kinds of incredible as the witty, arrogant, sociopath and homosexual mathematician! You’re guaranteed to have an unbelievably great time while watching The Imitation Game. It’s beyond any shadow of a doubt that this film is going to bag multiple awards at the Oscars this year. Watch a beautiful and impeccable story unfold before your eyes!

Benedict Cumberbatch, may his tribe increase!

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