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Jason Bourne: Film Review – Packed With Action & Destruction

Verdict: Not the best Bourne film; but still makes an impact.
Jason Bourne is not your typical hero. His presence is not followed by head-banging music or earth-shattering visual effects, like a regular Bollywood star (ahem, Don…ahem, ahem, Sultan). Nor is he surrounded by women or wine like James Bond. His fight moves are not captured in slow motion, nor does he deliver dialogues that have been written down as the greatest lines ever. He is the guy who is not happy with who he has become, and will take three blows to his chest before he delivers his killer punch to the face. He prefers to lay low, but will take the world by storm when aroused. And in the new Bourne movie, the fifth in the franchise, he is what he is – Jason Bourne.
The movie is set a decade after The Bourne Ultimatum, where Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) exposed the CIA’s illegal operations and disappeared. Hiding in Athens, off the CIA’s radar, he makes a living by doing what he does best – fighting. Meanwhile, his former Treadstone contact Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles) is working towards exposing more operations of the CIA in Iceland. That’s when she comes across information on Bourne, and travels to Greece to meet him. However, Parsons’ hack on the CIA’s mainframe server did not go unnoticed by Heather Lee (Alicia Vikander), head of the CIA Cyber Ops Division, who is now following her every movement. Parsons manages to meet Bourne, while the CIA agents give them a chase. Bourne manages to get away, but Parsons is killed by the Asset (Vincent Cassel), on orders from Robert Dewey (Tommy Lee Jones), the current director of the CIA. Before she dies, Parsons gives Bourne the key to a luggage locker that contains the CIA files on Bourne. What Bourne later learns about himself and his father’s involvement in his recruitment, causes him to get out of hiding and be reborn!
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Like a typical Bourne movie, this movie, too, is filled with several action scenes, including three extremely long and intense chase sequences. While Damon is being his Bourne best, Tommy Lee Jones is the highlight of the film. Delivering the most emotions – from irritation, to anger, to contempt, to arrogance – this movie is more about him, and less about Bourne. Alicia Vikander, meanwhile, is confident and comfortable in her part, but fails to strike a chemistry with Damon. Cassel is another one to look out for, playing the revenge-driven hitman, a role that suits him perfectly. While the movie is not as hard-hitting as its prequel, there’s plenty of action, and a lot of destruction, to keep the audience engaged. Fans of the Bourne franchise may be disappointed as the plot does not live up to its reputation. But newbies can get a look at this underrated hero with a fresh perspective.
Why You Should Watch This Movie:
For Bourne, duh, but also for Tommy Lee Jones, and the action-packed sequences that this movie is brimming over with. Do not expect too much; just watch it for some light-hearted fun and thrilling entertainment.