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Jim & Helen Forever: Short Film Review

Written by Sam Ritzenberg and Jed Rapp Goldstein, Jim & Helen Forever is an interesting comedy that gives us a sneak peak into the lives of 20 to 30 somethings.


When David (Lucas Neff) discovers his girlfriend Tessa (Caitlin Fitzgerald) might shift to NYC for a job, he decides it's time to do something about it. David realizes he needs to propose. Everyone keeps telling him he needs to "lock her down".  And, along with his brother Aaron (Josh Brenner) and friend Pete, David embarks on a hunt for the perfect wedding ring. He discovers many rings that 'shouldn't be given'. He is desperate, with no money and clueless when he finds himself in a shop that changes his life. 
Director Jesse Zwick has done a good job with a simple narrative and added bits of humor to it. The familiar faces of the actors will make you feel you're actually watching a romcom or a sitcom episode. The sixteen-minute-long film touches upon the subject that makes almost every relationship serious and gives it a fresh look. Growing up isn't easy and this film nails that bit in the story. 
The twist in the end with leave you in splits and will make you feel a tad sorry for poor David. Worth watching!